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WoW: Blizzard makes life harder for multiboxers

February 18, 2021


Blizzard Entertainment is making life difficult for multiboxers with new guidelines for World of Warcraft. From now on, the use of software that allows the mirroring of single key commands to multiple clients is prohibited. However, this change does not mean the end of multiboxing.

Multiboxers are not a new phenomenon in the online role-playing game World of Warcraft. For many years, certain players have been using multiple accounts at the same time to gain advantages in the world of the MMO. Especially in World PvP or when collecting herbs or ores, multiboxers are used - much to the displeasure of most other players. Blizzard Entertainment still does not put a final stop to this activity, but makes the whole thing more difficult.

The developer studio has recently updated its guidelines for World of Warcraft (buy now €14.99). One of the changes should be of particular interest to multiboxers: According to it, it is namely prohibited from now on to use software with the help of which it is possible to mirror individual key commands to multiple game clients. This was previously a popular way for multiboxers to use a single keyboard to control characters from multiple accounts simultaneously. So the policy change makes life at least a little harder for them. The statement reads:

"Over time, World of Warcraft has undergone a great deal of evolution. As it has, our policies have evolved to ensure a positive in-game environment and to be responsive to players' needs. We've taken a closer look at the use of third-party software to broadcast input commands, which can automatically broadcast a single keystroke or action to multiple game clients. We found that this is having an increasingly negative impact on gameplay, as this type of software is used primarily for bots and automated gameplay. The use of input command transmission software that transmits commands to multiple WoW game clients simultaneously will be considered a violation of our policy in the future. We believe this policy is in the best interest of the game and our community.

Soon, all players who are found to be using software to transmit input commands to multiple accounts at once (which is often used for multiboxing) will receive a warning message. The first step will be to warn players that they should not use this software while playing World of Warcraft. As a next step, we will impose penalties ranging from temporary suspensions to permanent closure of all World of Warcraft accounts of players who violate this policy. Therefore, we advise all players to refrain from using any software of this nature in order to continue playing World of Warcraft without interruption."

While many players are eagerly awaiting the release of the MMO expansion World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, some fans are looking for the trickiest challenges possible in the meantime. A group of 5 recently managed to set a new record in the process. They were the first players ever to successfully complete a Mythic+34 (Mythic) level dungeon. In the end, they had 1:34 minutes of time left. The group consisted of the following members:

  • Flippys (Brewmaster Monk) as a tank.
  • Lagbugdc (Holy Paladin) as healer
  • Bamesjond (Affliction Warlock) as Damage Dealer
  • Equibus (Frost Mage) as Damage Dealer
  • Som (Lawless Rogue) as Damage Dealer
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Players benefited from some helpful changes during their successful dungeon run. For example, the "Bursting" affix now deals a fixed amount of damage rather than a percentage, which can make a lot of difference in some situations. Also, the Heart of Darkness buff is now permanently active, giving characters a not-to-be-missed boost to their secondary stats. Furthermore, some dungeons have generally become a tad easier since the pre-patch 9.0.1 of World of Warcraft