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WoW: Will the

April 26, 2021

A few days ago, fans of the Warcraft universe were treated to the re-release of WoW (buy now €24.99 ) Classic - a relic of days gone by. Or as our buffed editor Matthias put it so wonderfully: "Classic is like a ... Reenactment, a museum, a living documentation." Since then, we've been living in such a museum bubble, enjoying the benefits of a decelerated world. But what impact does this actually have on players now?

What image is emerging of the WoW Classic community?

A few weeks before the WoW Classic release, we asked you about your expectations of the WoW Classic community. At that time, about 75 percent of you stated that the "we" would take precedence over the "I" and that a strong cohesion would develop as a result. Around 79 percent said that the server structures would have a positive influence on society. Furthermore, only about 35 percent were convinced that WoW Classic players will fall victim to a nostalgic transfiguration and will soon return to the retail version.

Now that the first few days of queues, backlogged servers, and at least one level 60 player are behind us, it's time to review our current experiences. What is it really like, this fabled WoW Classic community?

Reddit as a mirror of society?

A look at the WoW sub-Reddit already paints a very clear picture. The community is helpful, they say. The community is generous, they say. Plain and simple: WoW players have matured more or less "overnight" into attentive, selfless and understanding individuals.

According to Spazznax, you can get into your dungeon group of choice without a certain score, get buffs as you go, and it's natural to get together for questing activities.

This experience is also shared by former Blizzard Entertainment senior vice president Chris Metzen. He also seems to be caught up in the WoW Classic aura and recently announced on Twitter what attracts him so much to Classic:

My favorite thing is the random pick up groups to get quests done. The drive by buffs and heals. Asking advice/directions... I love that sense of community we had.... have. :) That's the gift of Classic.You guys are the gift of Classic.- Chris Metzen (@ChrisMetzen) August 31, 2019

But how will the Classic community evolve?

Admittedly: I actually share all of these experiences. Yes, fellow players seem to have "grown up". You're treated with more respect than you're used to in today's fast-paced online gaming as well as social media world. But I always have this nagging feeling that this Classic-induced "good vibes aura" will be short-lived. That all these positives will collapse like a house of cards as soon as it's "about something" again - as soon as the MMORPG's big carrot, gear, takes center stage.

But then again, maybe the WoW expansions of the last decade have taught me to fear it. Maybe the remaining core of Classic players is actually driven by positive energy. It would prove at least one thing to them: We are all bound together by the one great fascination and need not necessarily be consumed by negativity. Or to put it in Blizzard's words: Make Love, Not Warcraft.

How are you guys doing? What has your experience been so far? How do you think the community will develop? We are looking forward to your comments!

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