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WoW Classic: Players were assigned raid ID - bug now fixed

April 26, 2021

WoW Classic has been gladdening the hearts of many Warcraft fans for some time now. According to our buffed survey, 77 percent of (participating) buffed readers are still playing WoW Classic. But the return to the old values is partly clouded by bugs, which sometimes have more and sometimes less influence on the game fun. Recently, some players reported that they were assigned an ID when entering a raid - but without having killed a boss:

October 23, 2019 - Player "Cinan": "Is this a bug? I joined a raid in guild to kill trash for the purposes of rep farming and now have a raid ID for MC that can't be reset.No bosses are dead in the raid. Instance locks are usually formed on a boss being killed. Was something changed between last week and this week? We've done trash farming just fine before. Thanks for the input."

As community manager Kaivax confirmed in the official Blizzard forum, this bug has now been fixed. Players who were affected by the bug have also had their lockout reset and are now able to participate in raids. Below you can find the original message in the wording:

October 25, 2019 - Community Manager Kaivax:This week, we discovered a bug that came along with our holiday. The bug caused this misbehavior where players got locked to raid instances on entry. We fixed the bug yesterday afternoon, and a few minutes ago, we reset raid locks for affected players. Anyone who enters a raid instance should now experience the expected behavior with their Raid ID.

Thank you for your patience on this!

How are you faring in WoW Classic (buy now 24,99 € )? Were you affected by this error message? Write us in the comments!

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