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WoW Classic: Alliance players on Dreadmist have won the war - Thrall is dead!

April 26, 2021

In WoW Classic (buy now €24.99 ), Alliance players set out to rewrite Warcraft history. For through an organized raid, even the Horde capital of Orgrimmar was no longer safe. The triumphant moment of the conquest was the victory over Thrall himself, who lay dead in the dust at the end.

Despite massive lag in WoW Classic a lot of fun

In the subreddit of WoW Classic players have given more information about the battle on the British server Dreadmist. So 5-6 complete raid groups have rushed to Orgrimmar - the chances of the unprepared defenders were correspondingly poor. However, false reports of a Horde attack on Stormwind caused some Alliance players to leave Orgrimmar to defend their own homeland. Meanwhile, the Horde was able to gather enough players to drive the conquerors back out.

Players in the WoW Classic subreddit are celebrating the moment on both sides - saying it was "freaking epic" and "The Classic Experience." Even the massive FPS drops, due to the unusually high number of players in the same spot fighting each other, couldn't shake that.

Dreadmist - EU, Orgrimmar getting invaded from r/classicwow

Players don't care about honor as an incentive for such a raid

One player, however, points out that such raids in WoW Classic do not yet have the appropriate appeal because of a missing feature: Without honor for the corresponding kills, many players see no appeal in it. The conquerors and defenders of Orgrimmar obviously didn't care about that - they were there for the fun of the game.

Have you been able to achieve victory in a raid like this? Have you experienced something similar in WoW or Classic? Write us in the comments!

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