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WoW Patch 9.2: Armor, toys and co. - the rewards of the Enlightened!

February 13, 2022

When WoW Patch 9.2 is released, a new faction will come into play, the Enlightened, where you can unlock a whole range of different rewards. Until now, it was unclear which items you can acquire from the Enlightened armor master named Vilo. But now the mediator in Zereth Mortis has finally received a shipment of goods - and we get a first look at what he has to offer.

The Enlightened Ones: Get the exclusive midwayer armors

Vilo is currently selling a number of crafting recipes, as well as a protoform synthesis reagent, a toy, and a reinforcement rune:

  • Technique: Contract: The Enlightened (Reputation: Friendly, Cost: 1,000 gold) - Contract for additional reputation with the Enlightened when completing world quests.
  • Recipe: Crafter's Mark IV (Reputation: Benevolent, Cost: 2,500 gold) - Recipe for optional reagent that increases the item level of crafted items to level 233
  • Recipe: Crafter's Mark of the First Ones (Reputation: Respectful, Cost: 4,000 Gold) - Recipe for optional reagent that increases the item level of crafted items to level 262
  • Lens of Focused Intention (Reputation: Respectful, Cost: 300 Gold) - Ingredient for Protoform Synthesis
  • Broker Translocation Matrix (Reputation: Reverent, Cost: 5,000 gold): Toy
  • Eternal Augment Rune (Reputation: Revered, Cost: 50,000 Gold)
WoW: Shattered Legacy - German version of the Sylvanas cinematic

In addition, the Enlightened Armorer will give you a 229 item level set for each armor class, the parts of which are bound when picked up. These armor pieces cannot be upgraded and cost 250 Sandworn Relics, which you receive as rewards from rare enemies in Zereth Mortis and as loot from corresponding chests. You will unlock the following armor pieces when you complete Chapter 7 of the Patch 9.2 campaign:


  • Choral Hood
  • Choral Amice
  • Choral Vestments
  • Choral Wraps
  • Choral Handwraps
  • Choral Sash
  • Choral Leggings
  • Choral Slippers


  • Staccato Helmet
  • Staccato Mantle
  • Staccato Vest
  • Staccato Cuffs
  • Staccato Grips
  • Staccato Belt
  • Staccato Leggings
  • Staccato Boots


  • Anthemic Coif
  • Anthemic Shoulders
  • Anthemic Cuirass
  • Anthemic Bracers
  • Anthemic Gauntlets
  • Anthemic Links
  • Anthemic Legguards
  • Anthemic Greaves


  • Harmonium Helmet
  • Harmonium Spaulders
  • Harmonium Breastplate
  • Harmonium Vambrace
  • Harmonium Gauntlets
  • Harmonium Girdle
  • Harmonium Legplates
  • Harmonium Percussive Stompers
Source: Wowhead Source: Wowhead Source: Wowhead Source: Wowhead

Possibly there are also mounts

Vilo doesn't currently have any mounts on offer, but there are two mounts in the Patch 9.2 files whose source is still unknown that are eligible for Enlightened rewards:

  • Anointed Protostag
  • Heartlight Vombata

By the way, it currently looks like we will increase our reputation with the Enlightened Ones through various world quests and daily quests with WoW (buy now )

Patch 9.2. However, this is currently taking quite a long time on the PTR, which is why the authors of WoWHead suspect that the developers have not yet released all the content for the faction on the test server. It is possible that Vilo's arsenal will change before the release of patch 9.2. We will keep you updated on this in any case.

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