Thursday, May 26, 2022

WoW Classic: Hotfix for Warsong Gulch and Black Lotus

March 22, 2021

Black Lotus scarcity has consistently been one of the main issues that the developers have received player feedback on. As a result, they have now decided to update the Black Lotus spawns. Since the launch of WoW Classic, the game has used the spawn times and locations from the original World of Warcraft, but the new population and social factors in WoW Classic have resulted in Black Lotus being much rarer than in the original WoW. While these issues affect all mining and herb nodes to some degree, Black Lotus is particularly affected because it has the special characteristic of appearing only once in each spawn zone. As a result, the developers will be increasing Black Lotus' spawn rate and adding many additional possible spawn points in each of the affected zones. Another hotfix is to prevent a player from seeing a Black Lotus on screen or on their mini-map when they are dead, unless they have herbalism level 300.

In Warsong Gulch, the designers have identified a number of locations on the battlefield where clever players have found ways to get to a place they were never supposed to get to. These exploits are decidedly unfair, so they're putting a stop to it now. In most cases, such exploits are prevented by placing an invisible gate that blocks the unintended path. However, this is sometimes impossible, so the developers will now make this out-of-bounds location lethal.

Last but not least, there is a hotfix that should put an end to a minor annoyance. Now, if a player is actively busy with the mailbox or bank, they will be marked as "Busy" when someone else tries to initiate a trade with them.

The hotfixes are expected to go live in the next few days. You can read the original announcement here on the US forums.

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