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WoW: BC Classic brings Scammer! Beware of unknown WeakAuras and Addons

August 4, 2021

Who has to do with the auction house in WoW from time to time, who has already noticed various scammers with sometimes more, sometimes less clumsy methods. From classics like the single sale of arrows in early prehistory to curiously overpriced items to confuse addons and later supposedly very cheap goods to sell overpriced. With the launch of BC Classic, scammers have now rediscovered addons and WeakAuren as their means of choice.

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As a result, there are increasing reports of players who, when shopping in the promotion house, with or without an addon, have suddenly bought completely different things at ridiculously high prices than they actually wanted. Some have even posted their videos or tickets, along with a sobering response from Blizzard.

Malicious WeakAuren and Addons

Although the player in the current example gets a cheap item displayed on his screen, he has officially, so at least Blizzard sees it in the logs, purchased an overpriced item. So the player got something wrong displayed on his screen. The reason for this is due to using an addon or a WeakAura that was programmed with such a feature. This is nothing new and has been popular with scammers in the past. A few years ago, for example, there were WeakAuras that automatically sent gold when you used the mailbox - but this is no longer possible.

In the current case, resourceful programmers were able to quickly identify the problem and contacted Blizzard as well as other addon authors. Thus, at least this particular case should no longer occur, which is, however, no reason for all-clear.
According to many of these addon programmers, the current change to Burning Crusade is the main reason why scammers are now betting on this horse. Many WeakAuren or addons no longer work properly or fail completely since the switch from Classic to BC. When looking for help, players are often not picky. One forum post with a new code that should work, and an updated addon or a new WeakAura is downloaded. Then if it really works, it gets shared and spreads. How many players check what else is hiding in the code.

At this point we only have the warning to be careful which addons and WeakAuras you use and where you get them from. Even though there is no guarantee that something won't sneak in, the danger is much smaller than downloading an addon or a WeakAura from some dubious forum or getting it from a foreign player.

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