Wednesday, August 17, 2022

WoW: Rextroy's next battle of the classes - mini teams vs. mini bosses

July 13, 2022

When Rextroy releases a new video, or calls for a new action, many WoW players prick up their ears. Because Rextroy has proven his extraordinary creativity more than once in the past, for example when he oneshots players with crude combinations of effects as warrior tanks or kills current raid bosses single-handedly


In his latest video, however, he doesn't go it alone, but lets 36 other players fight for him. In his latest edition of the Battle of the Classes, mini-teams of one class each take on a mini-boss in the current raid, Mausoleum of the First, and show what they've got.

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Three vs. one

In his challenge, Rextroy will have teams of three players from each class face off against the mini-boss Hallowed Matrixautoma

, which awaits you after defeating the Prototype Panthenon. This enemy has a variety of abilities and is thus already like a small raid boss. It summons enemies, causes area damage and throws areas around. In addition, there are the abilities of the summoned enemies.

The small teams had almost all freedom - be it specialization, pact or talents. Only consumables, battle frenzy effects and resurrections in battle were forbidden.

The final score was settled at the end. Whoever was able to play down the most percentages from the mini-boss before their own group was in the dirt, won! Some of the groups even managed to defeat the mini-boss completely.
Before you watch the video: What do you think - which class makes it easily and which has to give up early on?

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What do you think of Rextroy's videos per se? Do you find his actions successful or do you rather think it's all nonsense? Personally, we like the solo actions better, but we also like to watch such challenges - even if it's just to see if our favorite class kicks some ass!

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