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WoW: More diversity! Community wants even more character customization

February 13, 2022

With 9.1.5 for WoW: Shadowlands, lots of new character customizations for allied races came into play. The small and large graphical updates were well received by the WoW community. So fans of Nightborn, the light-forged Draenei and Void Elves can give the look of their heroes much more pizzazz than before. With patch 9.2, the Highmountain Tauren will also get tens of new hairstyles, fur colors and tattoos. But what comes after that?

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WoW fans want even more visual diversity

Blizzard's team has done a good job in recent months, offering players new ways to customize their heroes. So it's clear that the community now wants even more design options for character customization. This includes not only fancy hairstyles or tattoos, but also the physique and posture as well as the sound of the voice.

A WoW fan named The_Cyberbard gave a lot of thought to the current character customizations for the classic and allied races. He thinks that Blizzard's developers can implement many more new character customization options into the game. Cyberbard summarized his thoughts and ideas in short bullet points and shared his list on Reddit.

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Void elves and blood elves are very popular, so the list of ideas for possible character customizations is correspondingly long. Players want tattoos and runes for rangers. At this point, the look of Alleria Windrunner could serve as an example. Mages and warlocks should also get fancy tattoos. Additional facial options for heroines and fuller beards for male elves is something the community would also look forward to. At the same time, the elf races should not be too similar. Void elves should continue to be distinguished by fancy hairstyles with void tentacles, while blood elves may choose red eye color as a special feature.

The new me in WoW

The post stimulated the imagination of other WoW fans, who promptly supplemented the wish list with further ideas and suggestions. For example, several players wished for class-specific character customizations. After all, each race distinguishes itself in different areas with all kinds of cultural peculiarities. For example, glowing eyes for paladins and priests, or magical tattoos and rune jewelry for mages. So far, only certain races have these options. Most players find that a pity.

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Another big wish would be new individual animations. The developers have been very stingy with that in recent years. Well, new battle animations have demanded a lot of time and resources from Blizzard's team. Nevertheless, the classic emotes, movement sequences and dances have gotten quite old, and they definitely need a graphical update.

New and fancy customization options for heroes are a hit and always make the hearts of WoW fans beat faster. So we're not surprised that players are asking for more ways to further customize their heroes. Blizzard's development team has been specifically reaching out to the community in the official World of Warcraft (buy now ) forums over the past few months, gathering numerous ideas for new character customizations. We are confident that Blizzard will surprise us with all kinds of visual news for our warriors in the near future!

What do you think about the topic? And do you have any special requests for future character customization for your heroes? Share your ideas with us

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