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WoW Patch 9.2: Furrier is revised - one animal for all!

April 14, 2022

The profession system is probably one of the weak points of WoW, which is why a complete overhaul is always on the wish list for upcoming expansions and updates, not only from us, but also from many other players

. The soon to be released patch 9.2 doesn't bring any big changes, but at least a small adjustment that solves at least one problem for the time being.

Starting with the upcoming update, the corpses of animals will be treated in the same way as plants and ore deposits.

Every furrier gets his leather

Herbs and ores in the free world can be "harvested" by several players before they disappear after a few minutes. This solved the long-standing problem of players snatching each other's ores and herbs quite satisfactorily. For the furriers among the players, however, the problem remained. As soon as the first one pulled out the knife and grabbed the leather, the carcass disappeared and no other player had the chance to get leather.

Starting with the upcoming patch 9.2, however, enemy corpses will be treated the same way as herbs and ores.

This means that any player who participated in the kill of an enemy will also have a claim to the leather. The corpse no longer disappears, but can now be cut multiple times.

Incidentally, the same applies to enemies that can be "cut" by the professions of mining, herbalism, or engineering. These also no longer disappear as soon as the first player has laid a hand on them.

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Here is the official statement from the Blizzard developers in the PTR Patch Notes:


  • Many skinnable, mineable, and gatherable enemies can now be skinned, mined, and gathered by all the players who engaged with the enemy and have the correct gathering skill.
    • Developers' note: In order to help make "skinning" (skinning, mining, and herb gathering of enemies) a more group friendly experience, we have adjusted skinning rules. The majority of "skinnable" enemies will now follow the normal tapping rules, and be skinnable by everyone who engaged with them and has the ability to skin them. Some weaker and very specific enemies can still only be skinned once, while some rare and powerful enemies will be skinnable by everyone who engages them and is capable.
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