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WoW: Hard times for Mythic-Plus players - blame different scaling

June 13, 2022

If you've been traveling through the Mythic-Plus dungeons of WoW Shadowlands in the past few days, you may well have despaired. Groups that had previously comfortably completed level 15 and higher suddenly had serious problems at level 10. Countless keystones were not even completed, because the groups could not get past the bosses that were strengthened by Tyrannical. This problem was especially noticeable in the two Tazavesh instances. However, Blizzard has already thrown nerfs around generously here.

But why are the dungeons suddenly much harder than many players expected? The reason lies in the drastically increased scaling and the fact that most heroes have become significantly weaker after the patch, which many like to forget.

Bosses with twice as many health points

If you compare the current week with the last week of Season 2, the bosses at the same level easily have twice as much health as before. This is partly due to the Tyrannical affix, of course, but also due to the harder scaling.

As with every new season, not only have the rewards on the levels been adjusted upwards, but the difficulty has also been increased. Until now, Blizzard always followed the same principle. The scaling was changed so that a dungeon in the new Season was about 3 levels harder than in the old Season. So a +15 in Season 1 was roughly equivalent to a +12 in Season 2, but that's no longer the case.

  • Instead, the dungeons have been made about 5 levels harder! What was a +15 in Season 2 is now about a +10.

However, the keystones were not devalued five levels, which is why many groups had big problems with their existing stones and ran into a wall at the bosses at the latest.

  • Then there's the fact that our heroes have lost strength.

WoW: Hard times for Mythic Plus players - blame other scaling (1) Source: buffed Because with the change to Season 3, the rulership sockets in the dungeons were deactivated! The set bonuses have never worked there, but the maximum of five individual dominion shards were also such a great help, which is now gone. And also the new season affix should not be forgotten. This seems to be somewhat weaker than the old one over the whole dungeon.

In short: The dungeons are much harder than before and our heroes are much weaker than before. Both of these things together mean that groups that used to easily run +15 now have to struggle significantly at +10.

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Harder scaling makes sense!

However, the much harder scaling makes sense in the long run. After all, we must not forget that there will be two points in time in the current Season that will massively strengthen our heroes. One is the unlocking of the second Legendary in week 5, and the other is the bonuses of the new tier set.

Both will help in the dungeons and will massively increase healing and damage.

To prevent the dungeons from becoming a joke, Blizzard has made the scaling more difficult. With the two "Power Gains", the dungeons should be about as difficult as they were in Season 2. Until then, players will just have to grit their teeth and accept that they will be limited to smaller levels for the time being.

Have you been in the Mythic Plus dungeons in Season 3 and hit your head against the wall like we did? We've probably cleared more keystones this week than we did in all of Season 2, and the second part of Tazavesh in particular has been extremely frustrating for us.

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