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WoW Lore: Uther talks about Frostmourne's curse - what does it mean for Sylvanas?

January 14, 2022

Uther Lightbringer was the epitome of a radiant paladin during his lifetime. Even after his tragic death, his name continued to give people hope. In WoW: Shadowlands, we saw the dark side of Uther in Bastion, which divided the Kyrians into two opposing camps. In the second story chapter of the current expansion, we manage to free Uther from the dungeon master's curse. At the end, he tells us more about Frostmourne's curse and what the theft of his Soul Shard meant for him.

WotLK, Shadowlands and Lost Soul Shards

Right at the beginning of WoW: Shadowlands, the animated short film Afterlife: Bastion provided an important story puzzle piece, explaining to us that Frostmourne's curse was responsible for Uther's suffering and many doubts. The Gramblade tore his soul in two. In the video, you can clearly see the bluish part, which probably symbolizes a part of Uther, being pulled into Arthas' rune blade.

WoW: The first afterlife short film - Bastion

Later, this part of Uther appears as a cursed spirit in the Halls of Reflection to warn our heroes about the Lich King. This part of the story is currently causing a lot of confusion in the WoW community. When Jaina meets Uther in Korthia, the mage seems to have forgotten their encounter in Icecrown Citadel. Lady Prachtmeer is apparently certain in Korthia that she last saw Uther alive in Stratholme. The dialogue between Jaina and Uther's spirit in WotLK does not play a major role in the story of Shadowlands. What is important in this convoluted story are the words Uther chooses in Korthia to describe the missing part of his soul.
Uther talks to Jaina in Korthia about Arthas, Frostmourne, and his missing soul shard. Source: buffed

The Power of Frostmourne

After Uther gives Jaina friendly advice not to forget her love for Arthas, the Lightbringer touches the wound Frostmourne once tore into his soul. He describes his death with the following words:

"When Arthas struck me down, Frostmourne shattered my soul. However, the blade did not divide it into a noble part and a cruel part. Rather, it was as if a part of my consciousness remained frozen in time while the rest of my soul moved on. To feel this missing fragment again.... well, it made me think again about many of my decisions."

Uther's terrible memories of his death and wounding finally explain the situation Sylvanas is in at the moment. Thanks to Uther, we now know that she also lost part of her soul to Frostmourne. This means that Sylvanas had to go through the same martyrdom as Uther. The missing part of her soul did not make her evil, but hard and bitter.

The part of Uther's soul that remained in Azeroth was consumed by fear and anger. Frostmourne stored these negative emotions and formed Uther's cursed spirit from them. Source: Blizzard Unlike Uther, Sylvanas had been trapped between the world of the living and the dead for what felt like an eternity. No matter how many times the Banshee Queen went into battle for Azeroth, the living distrusted her and her undead, and most even despised her. These experiences made her blind to false prophets like Zovaal. Sure, that doesn't absolve her of guilt. Still, one should not be too quick to prejudge Sylvanas.

What does this mean for Sylvanas?

With the shard that Zovaal returned to Sylvanas, she gets a chance to look at her past as a banshee queen from a different perspective. This is an important chapter in Sylvanas' story, because what happened in the Sanctum of Domination is the next major turning point in her character development. No, even with the Soul Shard, Sylvanas will never be the person she was when she was alive. The experiences she has had as a banshee queen have changed her too much for that.

However, Sylvanas will certainly rethink many of the decisions she made in the years before. And this realization is the crux of Sylvanas' story, which is thus very different from the story of Garrosh Hellscream. Garrosh did not regret his crimes until the bitter end.
Soul shards or not! Sylvanas' crimes are neither forgotten nor forgiven. Source: Blizzard

Sylvanas, on the other hand, was often consumed by doubt in Shadowlands, and the banshee rebelled against Zovaal before recovering her missing soul shard. Sylvanas' story remains controversial, no question. But that's just as well. After all, the missing soul shard should not absolve her of guilt. However, it is not up to us to punish Sylvanas. Unlike Garrosh, she will have to earn her redemption one way or another. It remains to be seen whether the lore leak that circulated on the net a few weeks ago will come true and Sylvanas will indeed take the judge's place at the end of Shadowlands or not. But no matter what finale Blizzard's development team has in store for us, the current story will completely change World of Warcraft (buy now 14,99 € )

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