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WoW: Ice walls, healing debuffs & more - The interesting PvP talents in patch 9.1

August 11, 2021

With patch 9.1 of WoW Shadowlands we not only expect a new zone and a new raid, but the update also brings the biggest PvP changes in a long time. Pretty much for every spec, several PvP talents are being reworked or even removed altogether and replaced with fresh abilities. Below, we take a look at the most exciting new and reworked PvP talents that await us in patch 9.1.

Paladin Judgments of the Pure:

The revamped version of the sigil now removes a poison, disease, and magic effect from teammates who are in your aura via Judgment. This gives the Holy Paladin another Dispel, which is super powerful, and the Retributionist can free his teammates from a CC, further enhancing the Paladin's role in Rated PvP.

As if that weren't powerful enough, the PvP talent has an interesting interaction with the paladin's Kyrian ability Divine Toll, which allows Judgement to be cast up to five times in a row.

Druid and Furor Warrior Wicked Claws, Slaughterhouse
The Feral Druid gains a healing debuff via Wicked Claws that reduces up to 24 percent healing on the target. Unlike Weapon Warrior's Deadly Strike, the Feral Druid can spread this debuff across multiple targets via Infected Wounds. In teams looking to stretch out the game, this could give the Feral Druid a larger role in Patch 9.1.

Furor Warriors can even build up to a 60 percent healing debuff via bluster thanks to Slaughterhouse. Per bluster, the target's healing received is reduced by 15 percent, stackable up to four times. In practice, though, it'll be hard to use Toben that many times in a row without the five-second debuff expiring in between. At the very least, this will make Fury an option for Rated PvP again, in addition to weapon play.

Monk Dematerialize: The Mistcaster Monk has been given several PvP changes. One of them is to make him take less damage in stun effects, where he might otherwise go from 100 to 0. Dematerialize lets you disappear into the mists in a stun, reducing damage taken by 40 percent for three seconds. With the update, Eminence allows you to teleport via Transcendence even when you're stunned, giving you another way to avoid stun effects.

Shadow Rift ( Warlock ) and Ice Wall ( Frost Mage )
As a Warlock, if you manage to stop an enemy in your Shadow Rift for two seconds, they will be teleported to the position of your Demonic Circle. You can use this to dispose of enemies or drag them behind a pillar where your teammates are already waiting to take him apart.
WoW: Ice walls, healing debuffs & more - The interesting PvP talents in patch 9.1 (1) Source: buffed The Frost Mage's Ice Wall is at least as interesting. Every 90 seconds you have the opportunity to reach a 30 meter wall of ice that breaks Line of Sight. Both offensively and defensively, the wall of ice has a lot of potential for crazy moves. On Battlegrounds, however, the Wall of Ice might not be as crucial, as the object has 40 percent of the mage's health.

Death Knight Necrotic Wounds, Bitter Chill, and StrangulateThe
Unehilig Death Knight will have to say goodbye to Necrotic Strike in patch 9.1, but will receive a better version of Necrotic Wounds, which allows him to absorb stacks of five percent of incoming healing on the target


The Frost spec gets a very interesting debuff via Bitter Chill, reducing the speed of affected targets by a whopping twelve percent. That's hugely powerful, especially against spellcasting classes, and the percentage will likely be revised downward. Otherwise, the effect would just be way too powerful.

Strangulate gives all of DK's specs access to a five-second silence effect that was previously only available to the Blood playstyle. Combined with his Stun Asphyxiate, the Death Knight becomes a very unpleasant opponent.

Priest (Discipline) Inner Light and Darkness:

This new PvP talent seems set in any situation as it stands. Consuming significantly more mana than other healers, the Spec can use Inner Light and Darkness to reduce the mana cost of his healing spells by 15 percent or switch the Aura effect and instead increase the spell damage and transferred healing of Apology by ten percent. The cooldown between auras is twelve seconds.

This should give the Diszi a bit more staying power in Mana Duels and further increase its damage dealt when combined with Searing Light.

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