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WoW TBC Classic: Top DpS in SSC and TK - Witchers rock the new raids

December 15, 2021


TBC Classic: Top DpS in SSC and TK - Witchers rock the new raids1

. WoW TBC Classic: Horde or Alliance? WoW TBC Classic: The Best and Worst Damage Dealers in Phase 2 of TBC ClassicMore

than an ID ago, Phase 2 of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic is now old, and there are plenty of players who have jumped into the new raid challenges. But which DpS specialists have performed particularly well in the Serpentshrine Lair and Fortress of Storms so far? Which classes disappoint when it comes to pure damage numbers? And to what extent do the current statistics differ from the observations we made a few months ago in the article WoW: TBC Classic - who rocks, who sucks? Lessons from the Private Servers, or that we were able to make at the beginning of Phase 1


WoW TBC Classic: Horde or Alliance?

In WoW Classic, the Alliance clearly dominated the raid scene, as we all know, across all phases. For example, of the 50 fastest guilds in Naxxramas from Phase 6, just 17 are Horde. In fact, there is only one Horde guild in the top 10. The reason: Paladins. Also, in general, the majority of players who were in the raids were Alliance.

With TBC Classic, however, the Alliance has lost this crucial advantage: paladins and shamans are available to both factions. At the same time, some of the Horde races have some awesome folk skills. Take the Orcs' Boiling Blood, for example, which in TBC increases spell damage as well as attack power. Or the trolls' tempo buff from Berserker. Or the Blood Elves' Arcane Stream, which they can use to silence enemies and regenerate mana.

We saw the effects of all of this in Phase 1 of TBC Classic, and it's confirmed in Phase 2: the Horde is now much more present and successful in the raids on Outland. According to, about 53.7 percent of all logs in the last ID came from Horde characters. And in the race for world-first kills, three Horde guilds placed in the top five.

Still, the Horde advantage isn't as great as one might think. With Progress, an Alliance guild ultimately took the World-First achievement for SSC and TK. 5 guilds in the top 10 are Alliance, and several Alliance raids are also at the top of the speedrun times.

In other words, the faction balance seems to be very balanced, at least in the PvE area of TBC Classic.

WoW TBC Classic: The Best and Worst Damage Dealers in Phase 2 of TBC Classic

In Phase 1, Arcane Mages and Domination Hunters rocked


raid challenges of Outland (plus Karazhan), followed by Destruction Warlocks and Survival Hunters. Now in phase 2, the picture has shifted a bit. There are finally plenty of big trash groups in SSC and TK, as well as the odd boss where you can deal damage on multiple targets at once.

As a result, singletarget specialists like Beastmaster and Survival Hunter fall behind, while all three Warlock specializations work their way into the top 4. Only the Arcane Mage and Furor Warrior can keep up, thanks to their Cleave attacks and Arcane Explosion, respectively.
WoW TBC Classic: Warlock and Arcane Mage rock the new Phase 2 raids. Source: Warcraftlogs
In the midfield, you'll find a lot of classes that are there primarily for their support: Retribution Paladins, Reinforcement Shamans, Weapon Warriors, and Combat Rogues. Shadow Priests, Elemental Shamans, and Balance Druids also provide important support, but these specializations are currently only able to squeeze out below-average damage.

Finally, at the bottom are specializations that rarely find a place in raid groups anyway: Frost Mage, Marksmanship Hunter, Deception and Assassination Rogue, and Gladiator Warrior.

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