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WoW: This cool tabard is only available until the TBC-Classic-Launch

July 30, 2021

With the start of the pre-patch phase of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic, a special quest in the Desolate Lands is ... well ... which you can use to get a cool tabard. The trick is that this quest will disappear from the official launch on June 02, 2021. So you don't have too long to get your hands on this nifty piece.

  • What quest are we talking about? This one: Let's go to battle!

WoW: Pre-Patch of TBC Classic - Get the quest "Into Battle". Source: buffed

  • What do you have to do? Travel to the Desolate Lands with a level 55 character, accept the quest from Agent Stolzbrunn, and then kill six invading Devil Guards. With NPC soldiers all over the area fighting the demons, the quest is very easy to master.

WoW: Pre-Patch of TBC Classic - You only have to kill a few devil guards. Source: buffed

  • What is the reward? Well, gold (6 gold and 63 silver at level 60) and the tabard of the protector. This has a utility effect that lets you start a nice victory animation. The cooldown of the effect is 5 minutes.

WoW: Pre-Patch of TBC Classic - The tabard of the protector has a special animation. Source: buffed
In 2007, it was no longer possible to master this order after the launch of The Burning Crusade. We therefore assume that the mission will only be possible during the pre-patch phase again this time. If you want to get the tabard, you should head to the Desolate Lands as soon as possible.

Support buffed - it will only take a minute. Thank you!

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