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WoW: Huln Hochberg spotted in Ardenwald

March 15, 2022

WoW Shadowlands is increasingly turning into a fanservice expansion: players regularly discover well-known characters from the Warcraft universe in the Shadowlands, who sometimes more, sometimes less live a glorious afterlife there. A legendary hero from the Legion expansion can now be found in the Arden Forest: Members of the Pact of the Night Fae can namely encounter Huln Hochberg as part of the current chapter of their Pact campaign.

WoW veterans may remember Huln Hochberg and the related quests from WoW Legion, during which we can relive his exploits in the War of the Ancestors. Huln, who carried the legendary artifact weapon Fang Claw (Survival Hunter), united the three tribes of Hochberg Tauren under one banner to help the Night Elves fight the Burning Legion. He also rescued an unspoiled black dragon from Neltharion's hoard, who later watched over the fortunes of the High Mountain Tauren as the spirit shifter Ebenhorn.

Huln's reappearance in Ardenwald comes as little surprise, given his nature-loving past. Those who have joined the Night Fae Pact will meet Huln during the campaign. ATTENTION: SPOILERS FOLLOW!

You will meet Huln Hochberg in the seventh chapter of the Pact campaign. The Taurean is hunting a World Eater that threatens the Forest of Arden. If you help Huln hunt down his foe, a brief dialogue with Shandri's Moon Feather ensues, during which the night elf asks for his help in finding the Night Warriors of Elune. Huln promises not to rest until we find the warriors with his help. So presumably we'll be seeing a lot more of Huln as the WoW (buy now )

developers continue the Night Elf campaign and send us on the trail of Tyrande.

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