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WoW: US top guild Limit joins Team Liquid - including name change

March 15, 2022

For quite some time now, Limit has been one of the absolute top guilds in WoW and has already claimed several World First Kills. Like many other guilds in the past years, Limit has become more than a simple WoW guild over time. While its competitor Method gradually transformed itself into an Esport organization, Limit simply joined one and enjoyed great success together with Complexity. Last December, however, this partnership came to an end and Limit stood alone again - until now.

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Limit becomes Liquid

As both sides have now announced in agreement, Limit will join the Dutch Esports organization Team Liquid and simultaneously fuel the new MMO division there. Team Liquid was founded by Dutch StarCraft player Victor "Nazgul" Goossens at the end of 2000 and was the strongest StarCraft team outside of South Korea for a long time. Over time, Liquid transformed from a pure esports team to a large organization that is represented in pretty much every esports division - now including the major MMOs.

  • This is also accompanied by a name change of the team from Limit to Liquid.

At the same time, guild leader Max will not only take on the tasks of guild and raid leadership in the future, but he will also rise to become a minority shareholder in Team Liquid and will oversee and drive the integration of the former Limit into the MMO division at Team Liquid. At the same time, Azorea will assume the position of Liquid MMO General Manager in the future.

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Big Race to World First Event

In this context, Team Liquid also directly announced a big event for the upcoming Race to World First in the Mausoleum of the First. Forma's plan is to gather pretty much all of the team's raiders (35 or more players - including coaches) in one place and top the already great coverage of past races.

You can find Team Liquid's full statement on the Limit acquisition below:

Team Liquid:
Today, Team Liquid is tremendously proud to announce the signing of Limit Guild, one of the largest signings in TL history. Limit are legends in the World of Warcraft
(buy now ) raiding community, having achieved World Firsts in Castle Nathria and Ny'alotha raids. Led by Max "Maximum" Smith, Limit Guild is one of the world's most popular raiding guilds, with over 30 million viewed hours as they raced to make PvE history.

The acquisition of Limit Guild forms a major pillar of Liquid MMO: a new gaming vertical within Team Liquid that will tackle one of the world's most popular genres - massively multiplayer online role-playing games. From the mythical regions of Azeroth, to the boundless wonder of Eorzea, Team Liquid is going all-in on MMOs with investments in players, content creators, staff and more. Our design philosophy for Liquid MMO is inspired by fantasy worlds, incorporating elements that might be found in the skylights of The Crystarium or the gates of Silvermoon.

The acquisition Limit Guild - accounting for 40+ players, coaches and staff - will form the foundation of Team Liquid's entry into World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV Online, with eyes on Riot Games' future MMO offering. As the guild retires its Limit branding to become Liquid, Maximum will also acquire an equity position in Team Liquid and become a minority owner, overseeing how Liquid approaches the MMOs of today and tomorrow.

WoW Patch 9.2 is on the horizon, and with it, another fierce Race to World First. Team Liquid will be hosting 35 or more of our new raiders in one location as they chase glory within the Sepulcher of the First Ones, producing an expansive, upgraded Race to World First broadcast that will showcase every boss attempt along the way. More details about Team Liquid's approach to the Race to World First broadcast to follow in the next few weeks.

In joining forces with the best raiding guild around, Team Liquid has a tremendous opportunity to extend our leadership from esports into the global MMO ecosystem. As we venture forth, we're eager to apply Team Liquid's values of diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, accessibility, and justice within our short term and long term plans. In addition to her responsibilities as Liquid MMO General Manager, Azorea will spearhead the creation of an advisory council of women in the space, aimed at developing resources and strategies that enable more women to grow as expert players. With Azorea's expertise, Team Liquid will identify Cutting Edge raiding guilds led by women to shine a light on their communities, offer mentorship and create safer spaces for women to thrive.

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This is only the beginning of Liquid MMO - we haven't even touched the plans Team Liquid had for Liquid MMO PvP, future titles and how we plan to involve the community. Team Liquid is in this for the long haul, and can't wait to work with more folks who share our belief in the space.

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