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WoW: The Council of Players will be further expanded - new invitations sent out

April 14, 2022

When Blizzard announced extensive changes last year shortly after the sexism scandal, one of them was that they wanted to listen to the voices of the community much more in the future. Naturally, this announcement was received rather skeptically by players, given the fact that we have heard such words many times in the past.

This time, however, Blizzard followed their words with actions and reacted unusually often and quickly to feedback during the current PTR and made various adjustments - for example, to the tier sets, the Legendarys, or the reputation grind in Zereth Mortis. The newly founded player council has certainly played a relevant role in this. Blizzard has gathered a whole series of ambitious players from different areas of the game to get bundled, constructive feedback. And Blizzard was obviously satisfied with this, because the Community Council will now be further expanded.

WoW: The Council of Players - Trailer introduces new Community Council

Council of players will be further expanded

As the developers now revealed in a forum post, a lot of new invitations for the players' council are currently being sent out. This is to ensure that there are enough different voices in the forum for each topic.

In addition, even if the developers have not communicated this directly, the new wave of invitations may serve to replace the banned players from the Community Council.

During the current year, more waves of invitations will also follow - especially when the existing members reach their full year. As a reminder, membership on the Player Council is limited to one year. After that, players are automatically removed, but may reapply at any time.

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you can see, we're currently adding a large new wave of players to the WoW (buy now ) Community Council
You can expect to see many more of them introduce themselves and get started posting here over the next few days.

We've really enjoyed our time so far with the inaugural Council Members, and this new series of invites is intended to fulfill one of our original goals: ensure that the Council includes numerous players who represent all of the different playstyles and perspectives of our diverse community. We expect to continue to add additional new waves of Council Members at times during this first year, and so on throughout the life of the program, whenever we see areas of discussion where more voices would be welcome, and especially when current Council Members reach their one-year term limit. And again, we're thankful to all who applied to be a part of this.

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