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WoW BC Classic: Broken Consecration of the Paladins causes chaos in dungeons

November 15, 2021

Update from 6/15: In the meantime Blizzard has commented on the problems. After all, they have already found a way to reproduce the problem, which allows them to work on a solution now.

We've been working on this issue since it was first reported Saturday night, and this morning we've now found a good way to reproduce it so that we can continue towards finding a fix (hopefully).

Thanks to everyone who reported it with details!

Original news: Tanking Paladins were still the absolute exception in WoW Classic, but are now the order of the day in BC Classic. Especially in the dungeons they are welcome party members. The reason for this is mainly the Consecration. An area attack, thanks to which the protection paladins can bind many enemies well to themselves, which makes the fight against the mobs in the instances much easier. However, there seems to be a bug that keeps popping up where the Consecration doesn't do that anymore.

  • Occasionally the consecration causes Sdamage, but does not create a threat to enemies!

This is of course more than unfavorable. Because then the Protection Paladin has hardly any possibility to bind the enemies effectively. They'll run all over the place and quickly start hitting healers and damage dealers. This in turn results in a lot of wipes.

Sporadic and not understandable

This bug is not permanent. Players report that logging out and back in sometimes helped, but in other cases it had no effect. Changing the dungeon could also solve the problem in some cases.
At the moment, it is simply not known what triggers this bug or how to safely work around it. Instead, many players are currently avoiding the dungeons or looking for classes other than tanks. The bug doesn't seem to be new, but already occurred in Classic. At that time, however, without much attention, because protection paladins were almost non-existent on the live servers - which is quite different in BC Classic.

Blizzard itself has not yet commented on this bug. However, since the threads in the official forums are growing rapidly, Blizzard should be aware of the bug by now and working on fixing it.

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