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WoW: Light, Void and Dragons - More "leaks" about the next expansion

April 14, 2022

With patch 9.2, the story of WoW: Shadowlands ends and the community is already puzzling over where our journey will go after the adventure in the afterlife. We have already reported several times about all kinds of supposed WoW leaks in the last few weeks. The bottom line is that the revelations or mind games revolve around the topic of dragons and the Dragon Isles.

The dragon aspects rarely made an appearance in the last few years of World of Warcraft. Apart from Furorion and Ysera, whose stories are still far from being finished, there are only a few notable dragons in WoW that play an active role in the history of Blizzard's MMORPG. That's why many Lore fans are currently hoping that the dragons will return to the big stage of WoW as classic fantasy characters.

The eternal war between light and darkness

A few days ago, a new (supposed) leak surfaced on the net (via Icy Veins), or rather a whole "leak" collection that is supposed to give us a taste of the next WoW expansion. Most of the "leaks" deal with the already mentioned Dragon Isles. But other heroes and villains could also play an important role in the next addon. The big hook of the story could be a new war that has been raging in secret for a long time. This is the eternal conflict between the Light and the Void. After Zovaal's defeat, both cosmic powers sense their chance and attack Azeroth to seize the Titan's world soul.

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We have divided the alleged "leaks" according to their topics for you again. Attention! This is unconfirmed information!

Current leaks about WoW1

. Return of the Dragon Isles2. The Final Titan3. The Realm of Life4. Flight of the Dragon Isles5. Flight of the Aspects

The Light and Void

The Rise of the High Exarch
Three friends who couldn't be more different. Are Alleria, Turalyon, and Khadgar about to start another war? Source: Blizzard When most WoW players think of the title High Exarch, they surely think of Turalyon, the leader of the Army of Light. Supposedly, the Draenei lady Yrel will also play a role in this story. There are supposed to be new areas in Azeroth and Draenor. In addition, the mighty ogres will finally come into the game as a playable (presumably allied) race.

Between light and shadow

  • At the beginning, our heroes must show their colors and swear allegiance to the forces of Light or Void. This choice will affect the look of our spells and abilities.
  • There will be a training ground with bosses from the classic dungeons. This feature is supposed to be set up similarly to Torghast in Shadowlands.
  • The Force of Light uses the Sunwell of the Blood Elves to get to Azeroth. While Alleria Windrunner unleashes the forces of the Void in Stormwind (supposedly in response to the Invasion of Light).
  • New raid on ... Dragon Isles.
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Return of the Dragon Isles

More dragons! And islands!

  • The announcement of the new expansion had originally been scheduled for BlizzCon Online 2021, according to this supposed leak. Then the announcement was postponed to BlizzCon Online 2022 (March 2022 was given as the date). As is well known, this will not take place.
  • The Dragon Isles will be revealed during Zovaal's attack on Azeroth.
  • On the islands live many dragons that do not belong to any of the known dragon swarms. These include, for example, the Blood Dragons, who appear as new villains. They consider themselves the crown of creation and lay claim to the world soul of Azeroth.
  • In the first raid, we will primarily have to deal with the Blood Dragons.
  • The developers are planning housing in Teldrassil and Undercity. Fittingly, there will also be a new profession - carpenter.
  • The Dragon Scale is supposed to become a kind of new Legendary. It grants our heroes new abilities, depending on its color.

The Final Titan

The Emerald Dream

  • The dungeon master's attack triggers the Titans' emergency program. The Emerald Dream is activated as a blueprint and Azeroth is recreated according to the Titans' plan.
  • Many classic areas are revamped once again. The Dragon Isles come into play, Horde and Alliance also establish new capitals: Nordrassil (Alliance) and Lordaeron (Horde).
  • No new race or class.
  • But two new raids: Stratholme's Barricade and Heart of Elunaria.
  • New class customizations: New Druid Shapes, Chronomancy spell effects for Mages, "Dark Ranger" spell effects for Hunters, Elemental Shapes for Shamans, and more.
  • Path of Aspects as a feature with new abilities.
  • New world events in Azeroth and the Titan's Dream.
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The Realm of Life

In the realm of Elune

  • Elune and her cosmic domain are the focus of the expansion. The cover is adorned with the portrait of Tyrande.
  • Necromancer comes into play as a new class.
  • On top of that, we can look forward to new race/class combinations.
  • Two new areas each on the Dragon Isles and in the Emerald Dream.
  • The Dragon Swamp as a new raid.

Flight of the Dragon Isles

  • New Talonguard class with four play styles.
  • There will be a new pact system, only with dragon swarms. However, our Heroes will be allowed to work with all five Dragon Aspects.
  • Two new raids: The first raid is set in a temple where a new dragon swarm will be created. The second raid is set somewhere in Tirisfal, where the Scarlet Crusade is once again wreaking havoc.

Flight of the Aspects

Furorion is a popular WoW character, maybe the dragons will finally get their own expansion. Source: Blizzard

  • The Eternal Dragonflight strikes at the pre-patch event. The dragons are taking aim at Azeroth once again, summoning bosses from all timelines everywhere.
  • There is a new class called Dragonsworn with four playstyles: Lifebinder (Fire/Healer), Destroyer (Earth, Fire/DPS), Awakened (Nature/DPS), and Timeless (Time Magic/Tank).
  • Our path leads us to the Emerald Dream.
  • Players join the Dragon Aspects and gather Aspect Power.
  • The Flight Master's Pipe from WoW (Buy Now ): Legion is being revamped. In the future, our heroes will be picked up by a dragon and taken to the nearest flight master.
  • Originally, the expansion was to be called "Dawn of the Aspects" (named after the WoW novel "Dawn of the Aspects"; German title: "Der Untergang der Aspekte"). The name was changed, however, because in the meeting the hint was said to have come that DoA is a common English term for "Dead on Arrival". The German term for it is "dead on arrival". An extremely inappropriate name for a new WoW expansion that is supposed to save the struggling MMORPG.

A lot of mischief with a few highlights

Most of the (alleged) leaks sound very daring. Obviously, one or the other bored player let his imagination run wild. However, we could get along quite well with the first "leak". Blizzard never resolved the tensions that existed in Legion between the forces of Light and the Void throughout the universe. The new description of the races of Azeroth on the official World of Warcraft site also fits this. In the case of the Draenei, Blizzard goes into particular detail about the connection to the Light in the description of Velen. So the update could actually be a hint at the theme of the next WoW expansion. What do you think about the many WoW "leaks" that are currently circulating on the net? Which of them do you like and which topics do you completely rule out for the upcoming WoW expansion? Let us know your opinion in the comments!

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