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Player discovers sketches of Dracthyr from the era of vanilla WoW!

July 13, 2022

With WoW: Dragonflight, the Dracthyr come into play as a new race. These magical dragon warriors are the result of Neltharion's research before he became the Aspect of Death (aka Deathwing). These hybrid creatures (much like the Worgen) can take on a humanoid and a dragon form. Callers are available to both factions, but as a Dracthyr you can only choose the Caller class. You can read more about Dracthyr in this article.

WoW Dragonflight: Dragon Riding and Caller of the Dracthyr in the video preview

Unlike Neltharion's previous experiments, the Dracthyr were nearly perfect. To create perfect soldiers, Neltharion fused the life essence of the dragons with the DNA of mortal races that lived throughout Azeroth at the time. Neltharion's original idea was to combine the strength and magic of dragons with the cunning and ingenuity of mortals. The Dracthyr were a resounding success, yet Neltharion had to put his research on hold. Nefarian, the son of Deathwing, later resumed his father's research. He created the Chromatic Dragonflight and a strange creature called Maloriak, which was quite similar to the Dracthyr.

Dragon sketches from the Classic era of WoW

So the concept of dragon mongrel creatures is not new. On Reddit, a WoW player named xperio28 posted a sketch from the Art of World of Warcraft book (from 2004) that shows a Drachkin that strongly resembles the Dracthyr. The exciting thing is that many drawings from the book were made before the release of vanilla WoW (buy now )

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There is even a text in the artbook that describes the dragon creatures:

A large pup, grown to human size, chases other dragon pups that larger dragons feed on.

There is currently a lot of discussion in the WoW community about the appearance of the Dracthyr

. Many WoW players consider the sight of the wiry Dracthyr to take some getting used to. The dragon race is too slender, they think. Blizzard's developers said that the appearance and the body size can be adjusted a bit later, but the dragon model seems much too slender even with maximum dimensions. Read also these interesting stories 6

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However, the Drachkin seen in the Classic-era sketch has the perfect body dimensions - not too narrow and not too wide. Players are hoping that the developers will take inspiration from this classic drawing to put the finishing touches on the Dracthyr before they enter the game. What do you think of the Dracthyr's dragon form? Do you like the sketch and should Blizzard adapt the look of the new race?

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