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WoW Patch 9.2: Craft mounts yourself - Preview of protoform synthesis

April 14, 2022

In patch 9.2 of WoW: Shadowlands, we can expect a feature that allows us to play god ourselves, so to speak, and create mounts and pets for our Azeroth heroes ourselves. In our overview of protoform synthesis

, we already showed you how many mounts and pets will be available via this feature.

Now the developers of WoW (buy now )

have published an official insight into protoform synthesis shortly before the release of patch 9.2. In doing so, they explain what exactly is needed to create mounts and pets. If you create a lot of critters, you will not only improve your collections, but also get some achievements.

How to craft mounts and pets through protoform synthesis in patch 9.2

The creation of each protoform creature requires four components: a blueprint, a grid to create the body, a rare item (for mounts) or a shimmer item (for pets) to imbue the creature with a soul, and genesis particles

to power the forge during synthesis. More about WoW Shadowlands patch 9.2 0

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  • Construction plans
    • Construction plans are scattered throughout the realm and players need to keep their eyes open for them. Some are just lying around freely, others are more difficult to obtain and are hidden in treasures or can be looted by powerful creatures. You only need one copy of a blueprint to create pets, no matter how many you want to create.
  • Grid
    • With the help of a grid you create the creature's body. Depending on the type of creature you want to create, you will need a different type of grid. For example, if you want to create a helicid, you need a helicid grid, which is dropped by helicids. To create a Cervid, you need a Cervid Grid, which you get from Cervids.
  • Rare or Shimmer Item
    • Mounts
      • The rare item differs slightly for crafting mounts, ranging from the Tools of Incomprehensible Experimentation to the Eternal Rage Bead to the Crystallized Echo of the First Song. All rare items are used for crafting various creatures.
    • Battle pets
      • Shimmer items are needed to craft pets, which create the creature's soul. Even though they are rare, they can be found in many places and are easily recognized by the "shimmer" in their name, such as "Shimmer of Movement" or "Shimmer of Vigilance."
  • Genesis Particles
    • Genesis Part icles are dropped by animals and elementals throughout the zone, as well as by invading Devourers. Each blueprint has its own cost, but on average it is 300 particles for a battle pet. The cost to synthesize a mount is around 400 particles.

Synthesizing pets and mounts will also bring you some incredible achievements. For synthesizing the first creature, you will receive the "Synthesized!" achievement. Synthesize five different creatures for the "Five-synthesized!" achievement, which is also required for the Zereth Mortis meta achievement. For the collectible among you, there's the "Super-synthesized!" achievement for synthesizing 25 different creatures and "Five-squared-synthesized!" for synthesizing 50 creatures! Are you going to go wild with the new feature, or are you not that interested in mounts and pets? Drop us a line in the comments!

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