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WoW Patch 9.2: Official preview of Torghast - new mode & levels

April 14, 2022

WoW Patch 9.2 will be released on February 23, 2022, and will feature the new area Zereth Mortis and the final Shadowlands raid Mausoleum of the First. But also an established content of Shadowlands will be expanded: Torghast. On the official WoW website, the developers have published a small preview of the changes to the Tower of the Damned. Everything you need to know about WoW Patch 9.2 can be found in our overview.

Torghast: New mode called gauntlet of the dungeon master

Unlike other Torghast modes, the new Torghast content Gauntlet of the Dungeon Master does not require any previously completed levels or other factors. Any player character at maximum level can take on the gauntlet. Completing any of the challenging levels, which are all about boss battles, will result in "unique rewards such as the Lightless Tormentor Battle Pet, the title of Gauntlet Runner, the Colossal Maw Rat mount, and the Domineered Rest Stone toy."

But the gauntlet is no walk in the park - in some cases you'll even have to deal with several bosses at the same time. We have already compiled more information about the new mode for you. The whole thing has also been made more difficult and more lucrative

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New levels with 9.2 resource rewards

Equipped with new equipment, you will also be allowed to go to higher levels in Torghast than before: Levels 13-16 are opened and logically require even better gear. In return, you will not only get Soul Ash and Soul Embers in these levels, but also Cosmic Flux, the new resource from patch 9.2, which you will need to upgrade your equipment - for example, bring Legendarys to the highest levels

! Click here for the official Torghast preview from the WoW developers.

With patch 9.2 just around the corner, we ask you: What did you think of Torghast so far? Have the developers made the mode more attractive to you since launch? Or do you have a fundamental problem with the random animaboni in Tower of the Damned, which are also better or worse depending on the class? Tell us what you think about Torghast in the comments!

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