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WoW: Burning Crusade Classic - Overview of all raid instances

August 17, 2021

WoW: Burning Crusade Classic - Overview of all raid instances

It's no coincidence that in our nostalgic look back at WoW: Burning Crusade we dedicate several of the ten points to the raid challenges of that time. The Outland adventure was a feast for any PvE lover who loves to take on nasty boss enemies. And that should be exactly the case when Burning Crusade lands on the current WoW Classic servers.

There are nine raid instances in total, which will be spread over five phases . Among them are fan favorites like Karazhan and the Black Temple. 51 nasties are waiting to be challenged by us. Among them are some of the most iconic antagonists in WoW history: Illidan, Kael'Thas, Lady Vashj, Archimonde, and Kil'Jaeden. From Karazhan to Sunwell Plateau, the following is an overview of all raid instances from the TBC Classic era.

Note: The guides linked here in the overview are from the original TBC era. Before the respective raid instances open, we will update the old guides in terms of layout, but also in terms of content (because the class meta has changed, for example).

Raids in Phase 1 of TBC Classic

The very first phase of Burning Crusade Classic will be super exciting for every guild and raid leader. Instead of 40- and 20-player raids, you'll now have to build and organize 10- and 25-player raids. On top of that, you don't just have to reach level 70. For one of the three raid challenges available at the start, you'll also need to earn access through a lengthy quest line.


Karazhan is the entry raid of the TBC era. You will find the entrance to the instance in the Mountain Pass of the Deadwinds of the "Old World". A total of ten challenges await you in Karazhan, with the Theater event offering another three different boss fights for you to take on. Then there's the iconic chess game, which you'll need to master if you want to challenge final boss Prince Malchezaar. The secret boss, however, is the Terror of the Night, which you can only summon once you've completed a lengthy series of quests.

  • 10 players
  • 10 bosses
  • Two pieces of the Tier 4 set can drop here (Headpiece (Prince Malchezaar) and Gloves (Curator)).
  • Karazhan Attunement - how to get the key in TBC Classic
  • Guide with tips to all bosses in Karazhan

WoW: Raids in TBC Classic - Moroes from Karazhan. Source: Blizzard

Gruul's Lair

In the 25-player instance Gruul's Lair, a fight against High King Raufgar and his crew awaits you in addition to the eponymous creep. Unlike Karazhan, you don't need to have completed a series of quests to enter the lair at the northern end of the vast chasm in the Shear Ridge. Defeating Gruul, on the other hand, is part of the requirement to gain access to the Serpentshrine in Stage 2.

  • 25 players
  • 2 bosses
  • Two pieces of the Tier 4 set can drop here (Pants (Gruul) and Shoulder Guard (Raufgar)).
  • Guide with tips to the bosses in Gruul's Lair

WoW: Raids in TBC Classic - Gruul's lair Source: buffed

Magtheridon's Chamber

In Magtheridon's Chamber on Hellfire Peninsula, only a few trash groups and the eponymous boss await you - Onyxia's Lair says hello. Unlike Onyxia (or Karazhan), however, you don't have to complete a series of quests to enter the chamber. Instead, you can expect a rather crunchy boss fight with an add phase at the beginning and a dice mechanic that is essential for defeating Magtheridon. This is because you can only stop the boss's deadly pressure nova if all the dice are activated by players at the same time. However, activating the cube does damage, plus you can't be a cube clicker again for 90 seconds after activating the cube, but the nova comes around every 50 seconds or so. Clear arrangements and divisions are key in this fight.

  • 25 players
  • 1 Boss
  • Here you can earn the last piece of the Tier 4 set, the chest protector.
  • Guide with tips for the boss in Magtheridon's Chamber

WoW: Raids in TBC Classic - Magtheridon's Chamber. Source: buffed

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Raids in phase 2 of TBC Classic

In the second phase of Burning Crusade Classic, two raid challenges await you that have a lot to offer - especially with regard to their end bosses Kael'Thas and Lady Vashj.

The Serpentshrine

Following the two quickies in Phase 1, the Serpentshrine is the first major 25-player raid you'll enter in the TBC era. A total of six bosses await you in the center of Zanga Marsh. However, before you can march through the entrance and ride the (beware! Deadly!) elevator down, you must first complete a series of quests that will first take you to the slave quarters, where Nar'biss the Heretic will give you the quest The Knob of Kar'desh . You complete this quest by defeating Gruul and the Terror of the Night (Karazhan). By doing so, you will receive the Mark of Vashj, which will grant you access to the Serpent Shrine.

  • 25 players
  • 6 bosses
  • The Serpent Shrine is where you drop the tokens for the gloves, pants, and helmet of the Tier 5 set.
  • Guide with tips for all bosses in the Snake Shrine

WoW: Raids in TBC Classic - the Snake Shrine is located in the center of the Zanga Marshes. Source: buffed

Fortress of Storms

The second raid of Phase 2 also requires you to complete a (long) series of quests before you are allowed to enter the Fortress of Storms. Before you can accept the Key of St orms quest from Khadgar, however, you must first complete a long quest line in Shadowmoon Vale that requires you to kill several elite enemies, among other things. To obtain the key, you will then be sent to the Shattered Halls, Steam Chamber, and Arkatraz dungeons. Last but not least is Magtheridon. It's worth the effort, as you'll need to defeat the final boss Kael'thas to progress to the next stage. Plus, the final battle against that same Kael'thas can drop one of Outland 's most coveted mounts. Oh, and there's Tier 5 set pieces and other great loot too, of course.

  • 25 players
  • 4 bosses
  • In the Fortress of Storms, the tokens for the shoulder guard and chest piece of the Tier 5 set drop.
  • Guide with tips to all bosses in the Fortress of Storms (tba)

WoW: Raids in TBC Classic - Kael'thas from the Fortress of Storms Source: buffed

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Raids in Phase 3 of TBC Classic

Two 25-player raid instances also await you with Phase 3 of TBC Classic. However, if you want to see the inside of number 2, you'll have to visit number 1 first (and master the raids from phase 2).

The Battle for Hyjal Peak

WoW: Raids in TBC Classic - the Battle for Hyjal Peak. Source: buffed In the Caverns of Time, you can relive one of the most iconic battles in WoW history, the Battle for Hyjal Peak, starting in Phase 3. However, the time travel trip is only on the agenda once you have defeated the two phase 2 bosses Kael'Thas and Lady Vashj and taken the respective vial pieces from them for the Soridormi pre-quest. You will encounter five bosses in the instance, with several waves of enemies in between. At the end, you'll have to deal with Archimonde, who keeps throwing you into the air. Most classes will only survive the fall if they use the Tears of the Deity at the right moment.

  • 25 players
  • 5 bosses
  • In Hyjal Peak, you can dust off the tokens for gloves and helmet of the Tier 6 set.
  • Guide with tips for all bosses in the battle for Hyjal Peak

The Black Temple

Before you can enter Illidan's stronghold in Shadowmoon Vale, you will need to complete another series of quests, starting at the Seer and Aldor outposts respectively. This will take you to the Serpentshrine and the Fortress of Storms, and you'll also need to take the Temporary Phylactery from Furor Winterfrost in the Battle for Hyjal Peak. A whopping nine baddies then await you in the Black Temple. Among them is Illidan, the perceived boss of the TBC expansion. At the same time, if you're lucky, one of the few Legendarys of the TBC era awaits you there: the Wargleves of Azzinoth.

  • 25 players
  • 9 bosses
  • In the Black Temple you can earn the tokens for the shoulder guard, trousers and chest piece of the Tier 6 set.
  • Guide with tips for all bosses in the Black Temple

WoW: Raids in TBC Classic - Illidan and the Black Temple Source: Blizzard

Raids in Phase 4 of TBC Classic

Phase 4's new raid is aimed at pros and casual players alike, guilds that have mastered all previous raids, but also groups that rarely get 25 players together and are now looking forward to the new 10-player challenge.


WoW: Raids in TBC Classic - Zul'Aman came with patch 2.3. Source: Blizzard The second troll raid after Zul'Gurub is also designed for 10-player raids and not only has six varied bosses and great loot in the bag, but also a special challenge: If you defeat all the bosses fast enough, extra loot and the Amani War Bear beckon at the end. Best of all, you don't have to complete a series of quests to enter Zul'Aman.

  • 10 players
  • 6 bosses
  • Timed run with extra loot possible
  • Guide with tips to all bosses in Zul'Aman

Raids in Phase 5 of TBC Classic

Finaaaaale! In the final phase of TBC Classic, we're up against Kil'jaeden and his minions. Before we can enter the raid, however, we must first conquer the Isle of Quel'Danas, establish a base there, and unlock new areas of the final TBC raid through server-wide Daily Quest progress.

The Sunwell Plateau

In the Sunwell Plateau, we'll be up against a total of eight bosses, including various so-called "Gear Checks" that were hard to defeat in their unattenuated form back in the day. It remains to be seen how difficult these nasties will be for us in TBC Classic. Rewards include some of the best loot of the TBC era, including the legendary Thori'dal bow , Furor of the Stars.

  • 25 players
  • 8 bosses
  • Guide with tips on the first bosses in Sunwell Plateau

Which raid challenge from TBC Classic are you most looking forward to? Tell us in the comments!

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