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WoW: The first official BC Classic Arena Tournament will take place in July

September 16, 2021

For many WoW players, their PvP careers began in the arenas of The Burning Crusade. Do the legends from back then still have it? That's what Blizzard wants to find out with the BC Classic Arena Tournament. From July 23-25, games will be broadcast on Twitch and YouTube. There is a total of $30,000 in the prize pool, which will be split between the two regions (NA and EU). A special old PvP title will be awarded to the best players in the game.

The CAT (Classic Arena Tournament) will feature well-known casters such as Venruki, Supatease, and Ziqo. The organizers also promise some Msytery casters and surprise guests. In the following you can find all important data about the tournament.

BC Classic Arena Tournament: Schedule, Format, Rules, Prize Pool

WoW: The first official BC Classic Arena Tournament will take place in July (3) Source: Blizzard

  • Registration: Players can register for the tournament from now until July 9. Registration will take place separately for both regions via Gamebattles: NA / EU.
  • Qualifying matches: July 17 to 18
    • Format: 3v3, Best of 3 Double-Elimination
  • Top 8 broadcast: July 23-25
    • Format: 3v3, Best of 5 Double-Elimination
  • Prizepool: $30,000 (USD), $15,000 per region
    • 1st: $5,000
    • 2nd: $3,500
    • 3rd: $2,000
    • 4th: $1,500
    • 5th/6th: $1,000
    • 7th/8th: $500
  • Vanquisher:The top ten percent of players will receive the special title of Vanquisher, previously only awarded to top arena players.

BC Classic Arena Tournament: Caster and Surprise Guests

WoW: The first official BC Classic Arena Tournament takes place in July (2) Source: Blizzard
As mentioned, WoW Classic casters Venruki, Supatease, and Ziqo will be leading the program. The surprise guests will likely be legends of WoW PvP.

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