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I have a Dream" - Wishes for the WoW year 2021 (TBC + Shadowlands)

March 15, 2022

"I have a Dream" - Wishes for the WoW year 20211

. Blizzcon in February2. Plans for the Shadowlands3. Please don't screw up TBC Classic!4. one will still be allowed to dreamDon't

worry. This is not going to be as political as Martin Luther King's historic speech. My dreams are rather aimed at what awaits us in Azeroth in 2021. The coming months could be very exciting and fun for all WoW fans. However, based on the experiences of the last years, Blizzard is always good for wrong decisions and a shitstorm.

Blizzcon in February

Since the final phase 6 has already started in WoW Classic and we are in the middle of the first season in Shadowlands, the next important date awaits us WoW fans in February. On February 19 and 20, the first online BlizzCon in Blizzard's history will take place, and it is already clear that everyone who is interested can watch the streaming event for free. It is unclear, however, which announcements and panels the Californians have planned. In the worst case, we'll see a repeat of the Diablogate during BlizzCon 2018: Instead of news that will create anticipation, the developers will sell us the next mobile game as a highlight. What's the matter, you guys still don't have mobiles?
Even without fans and a stage program, BlizzCon in February 2021 will hopefully be exciting. Source: Blizzard

Meanwhile, I dream of the official announcement of classic servers for The Burning Crusade. I would also like to see a concrete preview of what awaits us in the Shadowlands with the upcoming patches. If, for dessert, there's some new Diablo 4 material that makes my mouth water, and if Blizzard also has an update for Overwatch 2 (beta date, plx!), I'll be very happy for now.

Plans for the Shadowlands

Of course, announcing further plans for the Shadowlands does not necessarily mean that we will like Blizzard's plans. For my part, I'm especially curious to see how Torghast will develop in the coming months. At the moment, I still enjoy mastering the levels together with my better half. The legendary recipes as well as the soul ash are also a good incentive to visit the tower on a weekly basis. But what will that look like in several weeks?

The expansion of the glory levels can certainly receive new impetus in the medium term. Saving five souls and collecting 1,000 anima every week is simply boring. On the other hand, I have to admit that the new chapters of the Pact campaign, which can be unlocked via the fame levels, are a great thing. Ultimately, however, I dream that Blizzard remembers the "Legion Way of Life" and releases new content without everlasting content holes, but provides enough polish and continues the story of the expansion in a coherent way. Nobody really needs the next Sylvanas shitstorm.

Please don't screw up TBC Classic!

After all the fun I had last year with WoW

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Classic, I'm super excited for classic servers for The Burning Crusade. At the same time, the implementation of Classic has also shown me how much Blizzard can get wrong when it comes to the supposedly simple implementation of such a re-release. 02:46
WoW: Retro trailer - Cinematic for The Burning Crusade

This already starts with the transition from Classic to TBC Classic: Will the current servers be upgraded or will there be new ones? Will Blizzard offer character copies and server transfers, or will we all have to start from level 1? And if we are allowed to play our old Classic characters in TBC Classic: Will there be restrictions on the number of characters that can be transferred, gold as well as materials, or will Blizzard let the Outland economy get completely out of hand from Day 1? Then it's on to the provision of the servers: language or region servers? Will there be RP servers early on? Will there be enough servers to keep Outland reasonably playable?

And even if Blizzard finds the right answers to all of these questions, they can completely screw up the TBC re-release if they simply use the latest patch level as a base - as they did in Classic. No one wants super simple TBC raids and dungeons that everyone can easily access without having to master the previous content. Likewise, it would be a mistake to make Tier 4 as well as Tier 5 raids accessible right from launch, as was the case back then. The experienced private server guilds would lay Kael'thas as well as Lady Vashj in a few IDs.

One can still dream

I'm skeptical that Blizzard will be able to get all my concerns out of the way. The Corona pandemic will certainly not make this task any easier in 2021. At the same time, I'm optimistic: Shadowlands is a step in the right direction again after BfA. And WoW Classic was just awesome, despite its flaws. So it doesn't have to be perfect to be fun.

What wishes and hopes do you have for the WoW year 2021 with regard to TBC and Shadowlands? Tell us in the comments!

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