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WoW Patch 9.2: Build your own mount - the protoform synthesis

January 14, 2022

Dataminers have discovered a new feature on the PTR of WoW 9.2, the so-called protoform synthesis. With this feature, players will be able to process special reagents in Zereth Mortis into mounts and pets in the next major WoW update. We have taken a look at the system and tell you everything that is known about it so far.

Protoform synthesis: Pimp your mount

Basically, protoform synthesis works according to a proven and familiar principle: we collect reagents and unlock recipes, which we can then use to craft the aforementioned mounts and battle pets. How we get the reagents and recipes is still open. According to WoWHead, however, the principle is reminiscent of the scrapyard fiddling of Mechagon.

The main difference to this and similar systems, however, is that currently all reagents are tied to our account or not at all. So we can partially trade the reagents and send them between our characters, which promises a high degree of flexibility. All recipes require a certain amount of Genesis Particles, a lattice work, and a rare reagent.

WoW Patch 9.2: End of Eternity Developer Video

Currently, the following reagents are available on the PTR:

  • Genesis Mote
  • Ambystan Lattice
  • Aurelid Lattice
  • Bufonide Lattice
  • Cervid Lattice
  • Gastropod Lattice
  • Geomental Lattice
  • Leporid lattice
  • Poultrid Lattice
  • Proto Avian Lattice
  • Raptora Lattice
  • Scarabid Lattice
  • Tarachnid Lattice
  • Unformed Lattice
  • Vespoid Lattice
  • Viperid Lattice
  • Vombata Lattice
  • Bauble of Pure Innovation
  • Crystallized Echo of the First Song
  • Eternal Ragepearl
  • Glimmer of Focus
  • Lens of Focused Intention
  • Mawforged Bridle
  • Protoform Sentience Crown
  • Revelation Key
  • Tools of Incomprehensible Experimentation
  • Unalloyed Bronze Ingot
  • Wind's Infinite Call

Mounts and Battlepets via Protoform Synthesis

You can make the following mounts - according to the current status on the PTR:

  • Adorned Vombata
  • Bronze Gastropod
  • Bronzewing Vespoid
  • Buzz
  • Curious Crystalsniffer
  • Darkened Vombata
  • Deathrunner
  • Desertwing Hunter
  • Forged Spiteflyer
  • Genesis Crawler
  • Goldplate Bufonid
  • Ineffable Skitterer
  • Mawdapted Raptora
  • Pale Regal Cervid
  • Patient Bufonid
  • Prototype Leaper
  • Raptora Swooper
  • Russet Bufonid
  • Serenade
  • Stabilized Gastropod
  • Reins of the Sundered Zerethsteed
  • Tarachnid Creeper
  • Unsuccessful Prototype Fleetpod
Source: Wowhead Source: Wowhead Source: Wowhead Source: Wowhead Source: Wowhead Source: Wowhead Source: Wowhead Source: Wowhead

In addition, the following pets have appeared in the PTR files so far:

  • Ambystan Darter
  • Archetype of Animation
  • Archetype of Cunning
  • Archetype of Discovery
  • Archetype of Focus
  • Archetype of Malice
  • Archetype of Metamorphosis
  • Archetype of Motion
  • Archetype of Multiplicity
  • Archetype of Predation
  • Archetype of Renewal
  • Archetype of Satisfaction
  • Archetype of Serenity
  • Archetype of Survival
  • Archetype of Vigilance
  • Gastropodling
  • Leaping Leporid
  • Multichicken
  • Omnipotential Core
  • Prototickles
  • Resonant Echo
  • Shelly
  • Stabilized Geomental
  • Stabilized Scarabid
  • Terror Jelly
  • Tunneling Vombata
  • Violent Poultrid
  • Viperid Menace

We want to know from you: What do you think of the feature?

Write us your opinion about it below in the comments!

Source: WowheadSupport

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