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WoW Patch 9.2: Confirmed - new soul forms for Nachtfae from Torghast

April 14, 2022

The ghostly Vulpin is the basic soul form that you get as a cross-class ability at the very beginning of the Night Fae Pact from WoW: Shadowlands. However, you don't have to stay with the fox spirit forever. There are many different Soulforms hidden throughout the Shadowlands that you can discover and learn. WoWHead's dataminers have discovered even more different soulforms for Nachtfae on the test server for patch 9.2 in Torghast, in addition to many a Zereth Mortisshape already found.

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Soul Shapes from Torghast in Patch 9.2

In Patch 9.2

, there is a small change in the quest for Torghast Soulforms. You will no longer get them from the final boss of each wing. Instead of hunting bosses in Torghast, you'll have to free the chained Soul Shapes. The whole thing works similarly to the mini-quests with various NPCs waiting to be rescued in Torghast. The soul creatures are waiting on the second floor of each wing, so you'll definitely have to fight your way through the second floor to find them.

The soul creatures are not rare in Torghast, every level had a new soul ready. Saving soul creatures does not grant you anima orbs, but it does grant you a green item. Broadly speaking, it goes like this: You find a chained soul on your way, free it, and immediately get a questitem that allows you to learn that particular soul form later in the Arden Forest.

Five new Soul Shapes for Nachtfae

Four new soul forms and a cute critter soul form await you in Torghast. It is not yet clear whether the souls actually appear in this order or randomly.

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The Dragon Falcon Soul
Dragonhawk Soul (Source: Torghast-Level 12)
Dragon Falcon Soul Source: WoWHead The Elekk Soul
Elekk Soul (Source: Torghast Level 14)
Elekkseele Source: WoWHead The Far Rider Soul
Tallstrider Soul (Source: Torghast level 15)
Far Rider Soul Source: WoWHead The bat soul
Bat Soul (Source: Torghast level 16)
Bat Soul Source: WoWHead The new critter soul: Pig
Pig Soul (Source: Torghast Level 13)
Critter soul pig Source: WoWHead What do you guys think of the new Night Fae animal creatures? Do you already have a favorite? Or are all soul forms equally chic? Write us!

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