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Resolution for 2022: Blizzard promises better patch notes for WoW: TBC Classic

February 13, 2022

Even more than in WoW Classic, the focus in WoW: Burning Crusade Classic is on how the various raid bosses hit the live servers. It's obvious: During the original TBC era, the developers made noticeable adjustments to pretty much every adversary, whether in dungeons or raid instances, so that a second Naxxramas wouldn't happen (which, at the time, could only be mastered by a fraction of active players). In vanilla WoW, on the other hand, there was only sporadic subsequent simplification of content, and then often through bug fixes or the removal of time restrictions.

Post- or Pre-Nerf - what can we expect?

When announcing TBC Classic, the developers promised to first present us with the original, unattenuated bosses of Outland (plus Karazhan and Caverns of Time), if possible. However, there should be exceptions here and there. For example, Magtheridon had significantly less health than his "predecessor" in the TBC remake.

Blizzard also announced early on that they would eventually implement the numerous debuffs in the Classic variant, just as they did in the original TBC. At first, it was said that the nerfs would be introduced into the game when the next phase goes live, and the guilds would no longer focus on the content that had been weakened in parallel.
WoW TBC Classic: Kael'thas, Vashj and Co. were significantly weakened before the start of phase 3. Source: Blizzard In practice, however, the picture so far is much less clear than the developers' announcements mentioned above. Firstly, this is due to the fact that PTR tests of upcoming phases often featured a crude mix of pre- and post-nerf content, and you could never be sure how the fights would ultimately play in the live version. Secondly, the mitigations for Phase 2 bosses now came well before the start of Phase 3.

There's also a "for the third": The developers make very vague comments in the official patch notes for TBC Classic, such as when they write, "Raid XY now has the post-nerf state." And to the fourth: The Battle for Hyjal and the Black Temple are now supposed to go live (i.e. with the nerfs) with stand patch 2.4.3, surprisingly and without exceptions.

Appearance: Community Council

All these points in combination are annoying. So it's no surprise that Sixxfury and Basîl from the Community Council brought up the issue in the forums. Specifically, they wanted to know:

  • Why is phase 3 coming with all the nerfs?
  • And with regard to the Sunwell Plateau: Will we find out there in detail which nerfs will be implemented? And when can we expect to see the nerfs?
WoW TBC Classic: The release trailer for Lords of Outland is here!

The answers of the developers Pazorax and Aggrend:

  • For the Battle for Hyjal and the Black Temple, there were very few real nerfs at the time (but quite a few bug fixes). Not enough, from the developers' point of view, to make a difference here between pre- and post-nerf status.
  • For the Sunwell Plateau, things look different: There will definitely be a pre- and post-nerf variant here.
  • Yes, the last patch notes were very vaguely worded. From the developers' point of view, it was just a "we're pushing the button to roll back all the changes that were implemented up to patch 2.4.3", and the exact details can be found in the old patch notes. Nevertheless, they would like to apologize for this.
  • In the future, they want to go into more detail again in the patch notes for the Classic content. At least as far as the time of the developers allows.
  • The reason why the nerfs for phase 2 were implemented quite early was that the developers wanted to give all players the chance to easily earn the attunements for the upcoming phase over the Christmas vacations.
  • When exactly the nerfs for Sunwell will go live is still unclear. However, the developers want to inform us about it early.
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