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WoW Lore: New Whispers from the Void? Ancient relic from Korthia poses riddle

November 15, 2021

Korthia, the secret city in the Maw of WoW Shadowlands, is a hoard of knowledge, and to claim these myriad creator secrets for his own, the Dungeon Master reaches for ultimate power in Patch 9.1, dragging the island and city to the edge of his dark realm. Bound to the Maw, the guardians of Korthia follow providence and open the gates to the mystical city for our heroes. But Korthia is not the only battleground where we fight our battle against the dungeon master. A bit off to the side, there are many other stories taking place in the Maw that are important to the future storyline of World of Warcraft.

The hoard of the creators

The Archivist Codex

is a new faction coming into the game with Patch 9.1: Chains of Domination. They are a small sworn group of midwayers who devote their lives entirely to researching the relics of the Shadowlands. After the havoc wreaked upon Korthia by the Dungeon Master and the fiendish Nathrezim, the Archivists attempt to recover the myriad relics now scattered throughout the Floating Isle. Of course, the midwayers are happy to enlist the help of our heroes in the gathering process.

Ominous whispers

While searching for said relics, players on the patch 9.1 test server have discovered an interesting artifact - Everliving Statuette. The unassuming gem is part of the third relic set for the Missing Parts questline. You can get the item from the rare enemy called Yarxhov the Marauder in the Chamber of Knowledge. To enter the Chamber, you will need the Teleporter Repair Kit (for more on The Archivist's Codex, see this article). Unlike other relics, the statuette is surrounded by a dark aura. Because as soon as our heroes capture the item, we get a strange debuff - Whisper of the Eternal. As long as the spell is active, the relic addresses us with all sorts of whispers. We've freely translated the statuette's whisper from the test server for you here:

  • Hope. Betrayal. Sacrifice. Faces change. History does not.
  • Hidden from the light of day, a sleeping flame rests on the sixth tree.
  • So many secrets, so little time to share them.
  • A city of secrets. A story of lies.
  • How many voices do you hear? How many are real?
  • The seventh covets what the six hold. The balance is unstable. All will be undone.

Six new prophecies.

The whole thing sounds like new prophecies from the mouths of the Void Lords. As with Il'gynoth before, these words are open to much interpretation. This time, however, we're dealing with specific prophecies about the Shadowlands.

  • Hope. Betrayal. Sacrifice. Faces change. History does not.

The first whisper is about providence, a kind of destiny left by the First Ones for their servants in Oribos and Korthia. Namely, the creators foresaw the destruction of their order and created something that will bring the universe back into balance after the great cosmic cataclysm. Presumably, this is Azeroth, the Sleeping Titan and her soul connection to our heroes.

  • Hidden from the light of day, a sleeping flame rests on the sixth tree.

Six trees could be about the six great cosmic domains. Who said sleeping flame is is not an easy mystery, after all, could theoretically be almost any creature. However, Tree and the theme of sleep sounds a lot like the Arden Forest and the Great Tree associated with the Emerald Dream and the Domain of Life. Perhaps an important protagonist in the Shadowlands story has yet to awaken and we learn more about him/her later. Keep in mind that the word flame doesn't only have a positive meaning. It could be a flame of hope, but it could also mean destruction.

  • So many secrets, so little time to share them.
  • A city of secrets. A story of lies.

Roh-Suir collects the relics and artifacts of the First that the Nathrezim stole from the libraries of Korthia. Source: buffed The many secrets are probably the knowledge of the creators hidden in the countless libraries of Korthia. We will have little time to fully explore Korthia. This could mean that the city and its secrets will play an important role in World of Warcraft for an extended period of time. The exciting thing about this story is that the Nathrezim have been in Korthia for quite some time. This means that they've had plenty of time to spike the First's writings with all sorts of lies. So we can never be sure whether a piece of information we find is true or a perfidious and well-placed lie.

  • How many voices do you hear? How many are real?

The many voices are the myriad truths the Void Lords are said to speak. Alleria Windrunner described the voices of the Void Lords in Legion as a chaotic choir, bundling umpteen prophecies at once into a gruesome cacophony. The chorus quickly drives a mere mortal mad, so most fear the overwhelming power of the Void and fight it with all their might. The interesting thing about these words, however, is that there are many voices that do not seem to belong to the Void Lords. These voices are those of the Dread Lords who infiltrated the domain of the Void an eternity ago. They have added their own divinations to many of the prophecies of the Void, or even rewritten them. So the same rule applies here as in the case of the Records of Korthia. No one is able to say which voice speaks the truth and which belongs to the Nathrezim.

  • The seventh covets what the six hold. The balance is unstable. Everything is undone.

The Judge is the representative of Zovaal (aka Jailer) in Oribos and the owner of the final key. Source: Blizzard

The last words most likely speak about the broken pantheon of the Eternals and the bearers of the keys to the Creators' secrets. In patch 9.1 we learn that Zovaal (that is the real name of the jailer) wanted to claim the seals of the Eternals for himself. For this crime, the First Ones eventually punished him with banishment. Counting the Eternals together, the pantheon consists of Denathrius, the Winter Queen, the Archon, the Primus, Zovaal, and Elune. Since Zovaal was banished to the Maw, the Judge took his place as a representative. On the subject of Elune, yes, Elune is the sister of the Winter Queen and thus technically one of the Eternals. What happened to her seal, we don't know (rumor has it that the souls of the Kaldorei had something to do with Elune's seal, and that Sylvanas attacked Teldrassil because of it). With that, the prophecy can be interpreted to mean that Zovaal is the aforementioned seventh person who is after his siblings' power.

However, the number six could also refer to the six great domains (Light, Life, Order, Void, Death and Decay, Chaos). That the Dungeon Master aspires to rule the entire universe is no great secret. Thus, should Zovaal solve the great riddle of the creators, then literally all cosmic doors are open to him.

The echo from the void

The barrage is reminiscent of the figures that adorn the pillars of the Dark Portal. Source: Wowhead Finally, the statuette itself is an interesting item. In the game, the statuette appears as a humanoid, faceless being wrapped in robes. We're already familiar with this figure - namely, as the figurines that adorn the pillars of the Dark Portal. These statues were also seen at the Shadow Council ritual in Shadowmoon Valley. Later, these figures appeared wherever the forces of the Void had a hand. It is possible that they are a stylized representation of the legendary Void Lords. Or they may serve as a sort of mouthpiece through which they can speak to mortals. At the end of the mini-quest, the archivist Roh-Suir warns us again not to trust the statuette's whispers.

"I trust you have not listened to anything this little monster has told you. I heard that thing was just spreading lies."

If you look at the statuette more closely afterwards, you will see the following text:

Now the WoW community is starting the big speculation round. Of course we want to be there with you. Share your fan theories about the whisper of the relic with us in the comments. We are also curious about the meaning of the new prophecies from Korthia.

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