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WoW: It's Super Moonkin! Why moonkin can fly after all

November 15, 2021

If you take a closer look at the Moonkin on Azeroth, you can't help but feel that the Earth Mother has messed something up here. The owls have wings and feathers, but they're far too massive and heavy to soar as gracefully as the children of Avaria, let alone fly at all. But World of Warcraft wouldn't be World of Warcraft if resourceful players couldn't find a way to help Mondkin achieve her dream of flight.

Is it a bird? Is it a goblin leader? No - it's Supermoonkin!

Youtuber Bener Kaya has brought hope back to all the other Mondkins of Azeroth in the form of Supermoonkin. Supermoonkin has set out to prove to the Warcraft world what his fluttering wings can do. Having already flown the route from Ardenwald to the Maw in February, Supermoonkin inspired the Hero of the Owls of Azeroth with a tour from Ardenwald to Maldraxxus.

His third strike, however, now eclipses all: For Supermoonkin this time flew from Ardenwald towards Bastion and landed in the uninstanced area of the Spires of Ascension:

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To start the flight path from Ardenwald to the other areas of the Shadowlands, however, Supermoonkin needs a bit of a jumpstart. He makes use of fairy dust, which can be found in various locations in Ardenwald (including west of the Hibernation Pool). With this, he takes to the skies above Ardenwald and then uses his Flutter ability to fly gently to the destination of his choice.

What do you think of Supermoonkin's flight performance? Does it inspire you to try flying your own moonkin? Let us know in the comments!

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