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World of Warcraft: Cataclysm - Instance Guide and Solution for the Halls of Origin

February 18, 2021


When you enter the Halls of Origin in WoW: Cataclysm, you get to see one of the most magnificent locations in the addon. The PC Games guide helps in the search for the secrets.

As always, the instance guide to the Halls of Origin also starts with the preparations for the battle. You can find the entrance to the instance for players level 84 and up in the east of the Great Pyramid of UIdum. If you are travelling in a group from your own server, you can also enter at level 83, and of course you can then accept the quests. The only prerequisite: you must have completed various quests in Uldum beforehand. Only at the end of the quest series around Doctor Harrison Jones you will be asked to visit Brann Bronzebeard in the pyramid. Besides tank and healer, the type of damage dealer is unimportant, as you will encounter almost every enemy type in the Halls of Origin. Depending on the need, you can use your control skills.

Temple Guardian Anhuur
On your way inside the pyramid, you will encounter some temple guardians. They are humanoid in nature, so you shouldn't miss out on any controlling effects. The fireformers attack with fireballs and the familiar meteors - interlock here to prevent fatal damage. The Rune Mages, for their part, place runes under themselves or you. These runes cause different effects. For example, they place healing runes under themselves so that enemies regenerate health. Interrupt them while casting pay attention to your positioning. Move out of the runes and avoid your opponents being in helpful runes. While the Shadowlancers pose no threat, be wary of the Flintstalkers. Their Loaded Shot likes to execute cloth classes with one hit. A few groups of enemies and a right turn later, you will already spot the temple guard Anhuur, who blocks the further way.

The battle with Anhuur is pretty straightforward at first. Run out of Burning Light while your healer removes Divine Reckoning. At 66 and 33 percent of his hit points, the Temple Guardian casts a "Light Shield" on himself, making him immune to damage. He also begins chanting the "Shrieking Hymn". This does ever increasing Holy damage to the entire party. The only way to stop him from casting is to jump into the Snake Pit and hit the two switches. This leaves him vulnerable to damage again, and you can silence him with an interrupt spell. Stupidly, you now have the snakes attached to you, which your tank will bind to if possible so you can take them out with area damage. After that, resume the fight against Anhuur.