Wednesday, August 17, 2022

WoW: Thrashing Priest -15m Melee Oneshot with 4 Animaboni

May 12, 2021

Redditor caughtdeadlol shows in his short clip how to blow Torghast bosses out of life with one hit as a priest in WoW Shadowlands, even in melee. Thanks to the appropriate animaboni, he does a priest-unlike 15,786,874 damage with a single melee hit against the final boss of level 6 of the Winded Corridors - a slight overkill of 4 million health...

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Contrary to what you might think, this particularly high melee damage is not due to Yel'Shir's Gauntlet of Power, but rather the particularly rare bonus Wand of Freezing paired with (in this video) 3x Censer of Crudeness. Wand of Freezing is one of three possible animaboni you'll receive from the Soul Seeker Rare mob. This special effect directly sets the target's health to 50 percent, which obviously does a lot of damage to a boss with 11 million health. However, if the mob isn't taken out within five seconds, that 50% health will be healed over the next ten seconds. So you generally only choose this bonus as a tank to immediately build up uncatchable threat, or if you can take out mobs in the five-second window.

Incense Vessel of Crudeness causes creatures that are fearful, terrified, stunned, or dazed to take 35 percent more damage. This effect scales (incorrectly?) with the wand effect and (also incorrectly?) the dozens of Intelligence buffs the priest collected in this video (including 7x Terrible Dictionary).