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World of Warcraft: Cataclysm - Instance Guide and Walkthrough for Grim Batol

February 18, 2021


The dwarven stronghold Grim Batol is the location for one of the new instances in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Here you must fight the Cult of the Shadowhammer and the followers of Cho'gall. PC Games helps you with the Instance Guide.

Also for the instance Grim Batol the guide begins with the preparation for the fight. You will find Grim Batol between the Swamplands and the Twilight Highlands. This is teeming with standard enemies that are easy to fight. But even here you have to be careful, because the groups of enemies sometimes consist of up to eight adversaries. Therefore, enemy control is a must. Besides humanoids, there are also dragonkins and elementals running around in Grim Batol. Good equipment is therefore indispensable. At level 84, you will receive three quests for the instance, which beckon with great rewards.

General Umbriss
At the beginning you have to deal with many small Resident Troggs. These do inflict a stackable bleed spell on the tank, but you can easily take them out with area spells. After that, things get serious. Groups of three Drachkins will cross your paths from now on. The Azureborn Guardians are candidates for instant kill - their arcane spells buff the spells of their allies. These include the Bloodredborn Seers, who attack with spells as a priority. Interrupt them if possible. The guardians are rather harmless, since they only act in close combat. You will also encounter larger enemy groups of humanoids and elementals. Control as many enemies as you can - each must use their own small arsenal of skills. Without enemy control, the tank and healer have far too much to do, so you can make things much easier for you and your teammates. The twilight shapers are known for summoning extra earth elementals. The ogres are also dangerous, especially for melee fighters - the whirlwind gives you quite a bit of trouble. The twilightstormbreakers are also worth taking care of, as they summon water elementals. After three groups of enemies, you'll come to five trapped red dragons. Destroy the nets and swing on their backs. Now begins a short journey through the instance, where you can already damage some of the standard enemies. Just use the Breath of Dragons at your disposal, the navigation will be taken care of by the red allies themselves. After a few instance runs, you'll also quickly get the hang of which enemies to skip later. Any damage would be wasted on them. After you get back to your starting point, continue your exploration of the instance. Even though you've hit most of the groups hard, don't rush into them too confidently, and use enemy control here as well.

After a few standard enemies, you'll encounter General Umbriss, the leader of the forces. Two of his standard attacks are quite nasty, take extra care here. Lightning" targets a player - a short time later Umbriss charges in that direction. Move out of the way beforehand to avoid any damage. The "ground siege" works a little differently. Umbriss turns in a random direction and a short time later beats everything to a pulp in a cone-shaped area in front of him. Just get behind him or keep enough distance. Due to his "Bleeding Wound" on the tank, the healer also has all kinds of things to do. He also occasionally summons Troggs for support, which your tank binds to him. Fight them with area damage afterwards, as the Troggs give the tank another bleeding debuff. Lastly, the general goes into a frenzy at 20% of his hit points, so keep damage-reducing abilities on hand.