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World of Warcraft: Cataclysm - The Vortex Peak - Instance Guide and Walkthrough

February 18, 2021


The Vortex Peak in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm - here you can read the guide to the instance. PC Games shows you how to fight djinn-like creatures and defeat the lamplighters.

In the guide to The Vortex Peak, an exciting instance in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, we start as usual with the preparation for the big fight. To get to the entrance, you'll need to head to southeastern Uldum. Then it goes high up. Above the clouds, that is. There you will find the Vortex Peak. Right at the beginning you will meet the quest giver Itesh. He demands the heart of the first boss, the Grand Vizier Ertan. That's not all, because Itesh also wants you to deliver him the final boss Asaad - preferably in pieces. Enemy control is important here, especially for shamans, warlocks or hunters, as you'll have to deal with elemental creatures. Later there are also humanoids. Enemy control is especially important in heroic mode.

Grand Vizier Ertan
Right at the beginning, things get tough. A group of enemies including an armored Mistral faces you. Along with them are four smaller enemies. Bind the minions and take care of the Mistral first. Then it's on to the Windblast soldiers and the Wild Vortexes. The soldiers like to charge around. They also occasionally push the melee soldiers away - make sure you don't fly over the platforms. The wild vortex mostly attacks with "lightning strikes". Occasionally, the vortexes will annoy you by incapacitating a player with a "whirlwind" for six seconds. They also interrupt spells from your fellow players. After another two Mistrals, a truly uncomfortable passage awaits. In addition to groups of four, consisting of Windblast Soldiers and Wild Vortexes, there are some storms lurking there. These will only attack you with their "lightning strikes" if you don't look at them. Therefore, one player should always turn towards them, and if necessary cast a spell on them to make them collapse again. For example, the healer or an animal companion are suitable for this.

A little later you will encounter cloud princes. They make small elementals appear, which you can best fight with area damage. After that you have finally reached Grand Vizier Ertan, the first boss of the instance. Ertan is in the middle of a platform and doesn't move from the spot. Nevertheless, a tank binds him, as he shoots "lightning bolts" at him. A warrior can reflect these, by the way. The whole group stays close to Ertan in order not to be exposed to his whirlwinds. These circle widely around the boss. If you are near them, they will reduce your running and casting speed. Especially a slow healer can so quickly cause the death of the group. After some time, the Grand Vizier pulls his whirlwinds to him. Now you have to take to your heels - move away as quickly as possible to avoid falling victim to the "whirlwind shield". Your healer has a lot of work to do at this stage, as the party is taking quite a bit of nature damage. Want to know what happens next?