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World of Warcraft: Cataclysm - Instance Guide and Walkthrough to The Stone Core

February 18, 2021

The Stone Core in the center of Deephold is home to the Cho'gall, one of your main threats in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. The guide to the instance shows you how to easily prevail against the dark denizens.

The guide to The Stone Core also begins with preparations for the instance. It is an instance riddled with numerous caves and is located in Tiefenheim, which you may enter at level 82 through the portal in your capital. To find the instance, fly southwest from the Temple of Earth. Yrsa wants you to capture the Twilight Documents, and you can get another quest north of Tiefenheim at Therazane. For that you'll have to do most of the quests in Tiefenheim. Besides various humanoids you will also be attacked by elementals. It is best to use shamans to control the enemies, as they can control both types of enemies. To succeed in heroic mode, however, you will need at least one other character with controlling abilities.

At the beginning of the instance, you will encounter an old acquaintance. Millhaus Manasturm has immediately gathered some followers around him to make your life difficult. Attack him first, as he'll be hitting the party with area and fear spells. When Millhaus reaches 50% of his hit points, he will flee further into the Stone Core. Aside from Millhaus, the Earthformers are the most dangerous enemies. If they turn into a powerful elemental with the Power of Earth, your healer will have a hard time keeping the party alive due to the area damage. Therefore, incapacitate them with controlling abilities for the time being and interrupt their transformation afterwards. The berserkers and warmongers only stand out with melee and whirlwind attacks. Once you've taken out the first group of enemies, head out in pursuit of Manasturm. The small groups with earth elementals are no threat at all and you can bypass the drudges. After that, you'll encounter Millhaus a total of two more times, and he'll once again have minions at his side - proceed exactly as you did at the beginning. In your fourth encounter, however, Millhaus and his minions will be torn to pieces by Corborus, who you can now take on. Also, don't forget to collect the Twilight Papers from Earth.

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The large annelid Corborus occasionally provides all players with a "Dampening Wave". This effect stacks and absorbs up to 4,000 points of healing per stack. However, since no player but the tank should receive much damage, this ability can be safely ignored. The debuff should be removed from the tank if possible. Also, the worm will bombard a randomly selected player with crystals. Run out of the target area to take as little damage as possible. After a while, Corborus will submerge and little rock borers will gradually appear. Your tank binds them for the most part and you fight them with area damage. However, watch out for the elongated cloud of dust - it hints at Corborus, who shortly after jumps out of the ground with a mighty leap. However, it only deals damage in the area of the cloud. You can find more tips and tricks for The Stone Core in the guide on