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World of Warcraft: Cataclysm - Instance Guide - The Death Mines in Heroic Mode

February 18, 2021


The Death Mines is an instance that you can enter at level 15. But with World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, the instance also offers a challenge for players at level 85. And that is in heroic mode. The instance guide shows how it works.

The instance guide for Death Mines in Heroic Mode begins with the preparations for the upcoming battle. For this instance, whether in normal or heroic mode, you do not need to explore the entrance first. You also do not need to complete quests in advance. In heroic mode - for players level 85 and above - you should have two players on your team who can control enemies. As in the normal version of the instance, you will find mostly humanoid bandits in the heroic mode. Here, however, an exceedingly decent basic equipment is a prerequisite. You must have an item average level of 333. Then it's time to enter.

Right at the beginning, there are already some ogres and goblins waiting. Fortunately, you'll spot the cannon right away, which you'll also be shot at with. Kill the ogre behind it, then you can man the cannon. Especially in heroic mode this is very important, because your tank will grab the ogre, but the rest of the goblins will also hit quite hard. Later on, you'll even encounter a group of six goblins, which you certainly won't have enough control effects for. Your tank simply grabs the fat ogre while a player with a cannon takes out the little candle carriers. A short time later, two bodyguards also get in the way, and you pick them apart one by one. Your tank will need some healing here though. It's best to have some skills ready to reduce the damage.After the two bodyguards you can already take on Glubtok. This enchants his fists alternately with frost and flame magic. With the Frost Fists, his melee attacks deal additional frost damage. It also slows down players in his immediate vicinity. With Flame Fists, the tank takes additional flame damage. The boss also knocks back nearby players with this attack. At 50 percent of his hit points, he teleports to the center of the room and briefly stuns the party. Now Glubtok strengthens himself with Arcane Power and remains floating in the room. Pay attention to the runes on the floor. The "Fire Blossoms" deal fire damage and knock you back. In contrast, the Frost Blossoms naturally deal Frost damage - they also slow down players who are hit.

In heroic mode, the combat changes once you've taken Glubtok below 50 percent of his hit points. That's when you're up against a significantly more difficult Glubtok. In addition to the Frost and Fire Blossoms, dozens of Fire and Frost elementals will appear and bind your tank to them. The damage dealers, however, deal exclusively with the boss. To give your tank some breathing room, Frost Nova, Ice Traps, or other slowing effects can work wonders against the elementals. But beware, besides the elementals, the double-headed ogre has come up with something else. A wall of flames emanates in both directions from the boss, spinning clockwise. This means you have to constantly run with it to avoid drowning in the sea of flames.