Thursday, May 26, 2022

WoW: After Loot Adjustment - Players Boycott Timewalking Raids

May 18, 2021

In this ID of WoW Shadowlands, there is like a time migration event going on. This means that players can dust off a 200 item via the weekly quest and fresh-60s can raise their average item level a bit via the Cataclysm dungeons. Timewalking weeks, however, often overlook the raids, through which there is also some loot to be picked up. This is also interesting for new 60 characters, as the current item level is adjusted to the Cataclysm raids and bosses drop item level 200.

Timewalking raids are sometimes a bit overtuned and take a bit of time, but in return there are interesting items with additional sockets or strong trinkets in some weeks that you wouldn't get via the usual Shadowlands content. There's also a lot of loot dropping there. In a 15-player group, for example, up to five items can drop. Well, at least so far.

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As of this ID (or already via a January 5 hotfix), the amount of loot from timewalking raids has been adjusted to match Shadowlands loot distribution. While you were still showered with loot in the Ulduar timewalk version, hardly any loot drops now. Since that expansion, the developers have followed the philosophy of making loot more valuable by making it rarer. Instead of dropping up to five items for 15 players, for example, bosses only drop two items. This, of course, makes trailing a twink more tedious and feels like a waste of time.

Naturally, this leads to resentment from players. As we've been reading in the community lately, the first players are leaving the timewalking raid when they notice how few items the bosses are dropping now.

Do you guys still go into timewalking raids? And how satisfied are you with the amount of loot? Drop us a line in the comments.