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World of Warcraft: Gold Guide for the Launch of Mists of Pandaria

February 18, 2021


World of Warcraft gold guides are a dime a dozen. So why should you read ours? It's specifically tailored for the end of Cataclysm and preparation for Mists of Pandaria. What's more, it's aimed not only at full pros but also at trading beginners: over the course of our six-part series, we'll explain the most important gold tactics of the pros and all the necessary add-ons. With this you will rake in a respectable gold cushion in the next few weeks and make a lot of money at the start of MoP. Today: Part 5, the final part 6 will be available on 29.08.

With the release of Mists of Pandaria, the latest expansion to World of Warcraft, the prices in the auction house will explode. Not for all goods, of course, but for quite a few: Anything young pandaren need for survival or for their professions is going to be crazy expensive in MoP. The plan for players who want to make a profit out of this is obvious: You buy certain goods now, which you will sell off again in MoP. The selling tips in the last parts of our gold guide will give you enough regular income to invest some of it in the future and stock up on goods from our list. However, don't fill your warehouse within a week! Doing so will tear a financial hole in your wallet and won't make the best cut either.

Keep an eye out for bargains and cheap stock in the weeks leading up to the MoP launch. The squirrel feeds hard. From experience, only very few players are able to cover their own needs for raw materials on the level path, especially if they level with items that increase experience points. Goods from Northrend and Outland in particular will be in high demand in Mists of Pandaria: Leveling professions in the 300-450 range requires a lot of goods, because you had plenty of time to farm at the former max levels. Nowadays you literally race through these level sections, supply gaps arise. A phenomenon that will also affect the goods for levels 80 to 85 as soon as MoP is released. Glowsilk cloth, Cataclysm ores, and herbs are expected to become more expensive.

Only stockpile raw goods!

If you are stockpiling goods for the future, it is wise to stockpile only the pure raw materials. For example, if you store ingots, you can only sell them to blacksmiths and engineers later. Ore, however, will be bought by both professions and jewelers. If later the ingots are worth more, you can still convert them. Same with herbs: if you build glyphs or potions, you'll get in trouble if glyphs are taken out of the game entirely or no one needs the potions. Also, you can no longer sell the processed herbs to leveling Pandaren. So sooner or later you'll run out of space, though, which is why you make a few exceptions. For example, for glutseid bags. According to the resource rule, you would have to keep Glutseid Fabric and Hypnotic Dust and compare with MoP whether resource or bags bring more gold. However, the raw materials for 20 bags consume a full 90 bag slots. If you make bales out of the cloth, it's only 30, if you process it into bags, only 20.

Special case ink

Next to each inscription teacher is an NPC where you can trade black ink for any other ink. This is how you get old inks if you want to make glyphs, because even much-used glyphs are often made from level 1 to 450 herbs. With MoP, these NPCs will only trade for the new MoP inks, the black ink trade is dropped. Dozens of Inscriptionists will be scouring the auction house stocks for old herbs, and older inks will become expensive. To avoid this, buy cheap Cataclysm herbs now, convert them to black ink, trade them for old inks, and turn them into glyphs in MoP.

My storage space is running out

The more things you store, the more space you need. Sure: if you're buying the goods on our list by the dozen, you're going to run out of space. If you can't afford new bank bags and don't want to open a second or third guild bank, you'll need an alternative: store your goods in the mailbox. When you send items to a secondary character, they will stay there in the mailbox for up to 30 days, no matter how many there are. The mailbox is like a black hole that holds all your goods. You just have to empty it every 30 days and send the goods from one character to the other again, otherwise they will be irretrievably removed from the game.

However, we would not recommend this storage method without reservation: Many players report that goods simply disappeared from their mailbox with new patches, and especially with a new add-on, something like that can definitely happen. Also, many players forget the 30-day rule and let items literally rot in the mailbox. This is especially true when items are leaked that exceed the 50 item mark and are not visible until you clean out your mailbox.