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World of Warcraft: Cataclysm - Instance Guide to Throne of Tides

February 18, 2021


In the Throne of Tides instance, you will help Neptulon, the Elemental Lord of Water. The guide to the instance shows you how to survive it as unscathed as possible and helps you fight the giant octopus Ozumat.

We'll start our guide to The Throne of Tides with the preparation. Because before you can start, you need to find the entrance. This lies hidden in the Abyssal Depths. To get there, saddle up your seahorse and swim with it into the large whirlpool in the northeast. If you quest the area to the end, you will automatically reach the instance entrance. Once there, you will already receive quests for the first and third boss. Important: Enemy control skills! Especially in heroic mode, these are indispensable.

Lady Naz'jar
First you will run into some Nagas. The Naz'jar invaders provide the tank with a stackable bleed. They also fortify themselves with a magical "bubble shield". Attack them at that exact moment and you will receive damage and lower your attack and spell speed. The Naz'jar Spirit Healers, on the other hand, are harmless. However, you will still interrupt your healing spell. You should checkmate the Storm Witches first, as their "Chain Lightning Strikes" are quite hard on the party. Interrupt them and also watch out for the Lightning Surge. This magical debuff will cause a lot of nature damage around the affected player after a while. You will also encounter Naz'jar shield guards. Move out of the toxic green puddles while dealing with the guard. Also, the tank occasionally gets a magical debuff that absorbs a lot of healing. Priestly healers, for example, remove the effect to save mana. After a short walk straight ahead, you will encounter a huge shaft. The jellyfish serves as an elevator to the upper floor. There you have to fight the Nagas again. In addition, some Murlocs join them, but they are cannon fodder. If somewhat larger groups of enemies come later, you should kill the healers first and weaken other enemies with control effects. Shortly after, you will encounter the first boss, Lady Naz'jar.

The fight with the Naga leader is straightforward. If you know the skills. You interrupt Naz'jar's "Shock Strike" as it does quite a bit of damage to the tank. However, if your tank is a warrior, it can also reflect it. Occasionally, the boss will place a "geyser" under a random player. Run out of this highly visible animation, because shortly after this trap does quite a bit of damage and catapults you into the air - with fatal consequences for most players. The lady also shoots "mushroom spores" at a player, which cause a disease in his environment. As a ranged fighter you can simply dodge them, for melee fighters you have to heal or remove the plague.

At 66 and 33 percent of her hit points, Naz'jar entrenches herself in the middle of the room and is immune to any damage. Now two Storm Witches appear, already familiar from the standard enemies before. In addition, you still have to deal with a guard of honor. Control one storm witch while killing the other. Be sure to stop the "Chain Lightning Strikes". After that, take care of the honor guard. Never stand in front of it, as the "Bow Strike" will hit all players there. Last but not least, take care of the second witch. After a minute or when all three enemies are dead, the fight against Naz'jar continues as usual.