Headlander(PS4, PC) Walkthrough, Cheats and Review

Headlander Walkthrough :

Headlander is an action/adventure game released by double fine productions company. The game is set on release today and you can read the complete review, walkthrough and cheats here. It has been released only for PC and PS4.

headlander review

Headlander is a Double Fine staple: a one-off goof turned into a fully realized reality.

With Grim Fandango, it was a working stiff Grim Reaper in a Dia de los Muertos world. Psychonauts was psychic summer camp. Stacking was Matryoshka dolls come to life, andBrutal Legend was a roadie’s rock and roll fantasy. WithHeadlander, Double Fine takes a free-floating, body stealing head and makes it a sci-fi hero.

It’s a pretty good hook.

The biggest surprise in Headlander is the flip in priorities it signals from so much of Double Fine’s other output, which ultimately have put the joke and the story ahead of almost everything else. Headlander isn’t Double Fine’s funniest story. But it might be their best game in a long time.

Headlander’s premise is ‘50s-era sci-fi at its best. As humans depleted their resources and poisoned their world, scientists devised a way to move human consciousness into artificial brains and robotic bodies. Hundreds of years later, you wake up in an unfamiliar future as, well, a disembodied head — one of three, choosable at the beginning of the game. It’s not clear where you came from or who you are, other than that you’re the only remaining (tenth of a) human left in the universe. And with the help of the mysterious ERL, you’ll have to use your conveniently socketed, rocket-powered head to unravel the Orwellian Methusaleh AI’s control over everything, and hopefully figure out just what happened.

Mechanically, Headlander is completely on the nose. The goofball idea of Disembodied Head Can Steal Bodies is pushed just about as far as it can go within a structure that most closely resembles item-gated action adventure games like Metroid. See, Methusaleh’s perfectly contained society is awash in harsh security measures. Doors, for example, won’t open for just any head. Instead, you’ll need to be attached to a body to walk through even the most basic portal. As you sow discord in the world, you’ll need to find an escalating color code of bodies to go through corresponding doors, whether by walking up to them or shooting a laser at them.

This is a relatively simple idea that’s explored very meticulously throughout Headlander.

Like I said, security scales up through a color code: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet, and each notch is attached to a more powerful security robot, referred to as a Shepherd. Each Shepherd can open their color and the colors below their rank, and each Shepherd’s beam bounces when it hits a wall. The more powerful the Shepherd, the more bounces that laser will get.

This is used to build puzzles that escalate in complexity throughout the game. Early on the most challenging thing you may encounter is needing to open a door that your robot security body can’t access, as Shepherds and citizens alike can’t jump (but doors stay open a bit after their shot, at which point, your head can fly through). Eventually you’ll need to find perfect bounce points for your lasers to hit spots that are offscreen, or to use Shepherds with multi-beam lasers to activate numerous color-coded points at once.

Even combat tends toward the puzzle-minded, rather than twitch shooting. Despite a control scheme that resembles arcade run-and-gun games — you aim with the mouse or right stick on the controller — fights tend toward the methodical, and bodies are broadly disposable. Leaving your assumed body is even a valid tactic, as you can pull the heads off of Shepherds and other enemies if you can avoid their attempts to bat you off. This contributes to a real sense of problem-solving during fights, and checkpoints tend to be room-to-room, meaning failing an experiment doesn’t cost a lot of time.

And bouncing a shot off a ceiling and popping a Shepherd’s head off is always fun.

You can also use your micro tractor beam to manipulate objects in the world that aren’t just the heads you can pull of bodies. Some passageways are plugged by small grates that can be pulled off, allowing you to find secret areas with upgrades to your survivability or allowing forward progress through the game. This discovery is a key part inHeadlander’s continued appeal — there’s a real sense that there’s always another little secret or pickup around the corner if you just look for it.

Some of these pickups are major upgrades for your head, including a refracting shield and the ability to boost. These improvements add new combat options and unlock new areas, allowing for backtracking to enter previously inaccessible spaces. It’s a good loop that doesn’t feel padded. Instead, returning to places you’ve already seen feels like an optional elaboration on the world.

Headlander is, in many ways, the most mechanically sound, well-designed Double Fine action game I can remember. It doesn’t feel like it’s leaning quite so hard on the personality that’s defined the studio’s other work. Which is good, because while Headlander‘s aesthetic is very strong and very cool — it’s reminiscent of ‘70s-era outsider sci-fi like Logan’s Run and Silent Running smashed into the cheap black and white monster movie schtick of the ‘50s. But the humor and story that’s dominated Double Fine’s previous games feels more thinly developed here.

The premise is appropriately ridiculous and a lot of fun, yes, and there are a number of weird, goofy opportunities to take that ball (or head, as the case may be) and run with it. I got a chuckle out of it the first few times I plopped off someone’s head and stole their body, and once or twice it was even a dog! I was on a dog’s body!

That’s about enough of a joke to last an hour or two of Headlander’s six to seven or so hours of game. But once that wears off, the funny recedes more and more into the background. There are some jokes in there about an AI obsessed with chess and the pawns she conscripts from robot society for her game, and some incidental dialogue from other citizens scattered around the world. Richard Steven Horowitz — a Double Fine regular, he voiced Raz inPyschonauts as well as the titular character in Nickelodeon’s Invader Zim — turns in some great lines as the Mappy robots and automated turrets.

But Headlander’s emphasis on a silent protagonist, while narratively logical, leaves something of a vacuum that not even multiple seemingly-omnipotent voices around you can’t quite fill. It doesn’t make the game part of Headlander any worse, but it is just a little less capital-F “Fun” than Double Fine’s usual output.

Not quite as strangely, but somewhat off-putting nonetheless, Headlander features some hooks it never follows up on. There are allusions to sidequests in the games — small collectibles or tasks to grab for other citizens — but in my time playing through and seeing most of the game, I came across just a few opportunities like this. It feels like this was going to be more than it is now, and I kept looking, hoping for just a bit more variety than I found.

Also, in a confusing departure from genre dogma, there are a number of abilities in Headlander’s seemingly-optional upgrade tree that feel like anything but, those these are rarely explained — and I could see a reality where I accidentally leveled the wrong way and screwed myself until I found more points to fix my own mess. It’s not game-breaking, and I had what I needed, usually, butHeadlander demonstrates a latent, low-level distaste for tutorial or explanation that can be a little frustrating in hindsight.

You’re playing the role of a man whose head has been disembodied. You are put into a digital world where the head meets its body of either a person or a dog or whatever it fits into.

You are given a special helmet that fits into a robotic metal body using advanced robotics lets say.

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You are given some super powers such as striking with lasers and other combo movies. Using that how you lead the game is what all the game is about.

Headlander Cheats:

The cheats part is yet to be updated. If you have found any then please let us know about it in the comments section.

Headlander Review metacritic :

headlander walkthrough

This game has got good ratings in gamespot.com and metacritic websites.

You are provided with the laser and you will witness the same kind of enemies pointing lasers at you.

The doors blinks with some sort of color light either red or purple which tells you what laser to be used to open it. Further more the game becomes interesting and since the game is released today, the review and other updates are yet to come. Keep visiting this website for further reviews on the game or you can subscribe to our site below..

Healdlander Alternatives :

  1. Deaths’s gambit
  2. Rain world
  3. Stacking
  4. Netkar pro
  5. Duck Game
  6. Broken Age
  7. Physconauts
  8. Grand Kingdom

Conclusion :

This game has been said to be developed in complete AI interface but lets not deicide more about it until the users give their reviews on it. Since its a different level of game we’re giving it a 5/5 rating.



It’s not always clear but Headlander doesn’t overstay its welcome, and it doesn’t waste time on extraneous stuff. Instead, Headlander finds smart core mechanics and a really cool idea and pushes them both to smart places that make for a game remains engaging even as it steadily grows more challenging. It’s not the funniest guy in the room, but it’s still a lot of fun to hang around with.

Headlander was reviewed using an advance Steam key provided by Adult Swim Games. You can find additional information about Polygon’s ethics policy here.


Mini Militia hack and cheats: How to hack doodle army 2? *Easy method*

Hey friends, we all know what Mini Militia is, it is one of the most hot games currently available on Play store. So today, we are sharing a list of Mini militia cheat codes and a method by which your questions like: How to hack mini militia? How to get god mod in mini militia? and How to Get infinite ammo, health and Jetpack? will be answered. So keep reading our post and know how to hack doodle army 2: mini militia?

What do you usually do when you are stuck in traffic or have nothing to do at work or just waiting in a queue, listen to music or watch TV shows? We can all admit that all those things make you drowsy and you feel tired for no reason, you need a better alternative to kill your time then just listening to music or watching YouTube videos and that is why you need to consider Mini Militia.

Games on your smart phone are usually pretty boring and outdated when compared to computer games and the fun doesn’t last for a very long time when you are playing a mobile game but what if your friends are playing a colorful, full featured action game with you no matter where in the world you are, small things like this is why you should give Mini Militia a try.

Mini Militia is the latest version of the doodle army game series, and the next version brings many perks with it. Mini Militia is gaining popularity day by day and it’s all because of the awesome features of the game, you are getting so much out of a mobile game.

Doodle army 2 : Mini Militia Latest Features (Recent Update)

We have made a list of the new features of the Mini Militia game over the previous version of the game, i.e. Doodle Army and you can see for yourself what improvements the newer version of the game has got and how they will make gaming on your smart phone a lot more fun.

  • Play online with your friends from anywhere in the world, Mini Militia supports up to 6 players to play together online and up to 12 using the local Wi-Fi, invite your friends to come over if you want to save data and have the fun of online gaming all together.
  • You can hone your skills and become a better fighter while training with Serge when you are not playing, in that way you are not losing any scores and you are sharpening your skills at the same time, this additional new feature will help you a lot when you want to train.
  • Unlike the last version, you now get plenty of choices when you are choosing your weapon so you can fight well. You can chose from sniper, shotgun and flamethrower and many more which make this game a lot more fun than it already is.
  • Explore the whole area with open world maps utilizing rocket boots for extended vertical flight.
  • You can purchase the game if you want to explore some of the additional features of the game such as extra customization options for your game avatar and you get dual wield ability so you last longer in the game. You also get more weapon choices such as rocket launcher, sniper rifle, laser, saw gun and more that make the game more interesting.

Want to know how popular this game is? Well then have a look yourself here, and see that how much it is trending on play store!

Mini Militia Hack and Cheat codes, know exactly how to hack doodle army 2?

We have made the list of the most frequently asked hacks and cheats according to their popularity. You can go through the cheats and hacks of the game and use them to make the gameplay more exciting and fun than it already is. All the hacks and cheats are fully working and we have tested all of them personally so be assured.

Mini Militia Cheat Codes and hack Features:

  • – Infinite Jetpack
  • – Infinite Ammo – (Works On All Weapons)
  • – Infinite Grenades/Equipment
  • – x4 Speed Hack – (Four Times the Speed of Normal)
  • – No Gravity – (No More Annoying Gravitational Pull)
  • – Can DuelWield Any Weapon In-Game
  • – 1 Shot Kill – (With Bullets)
  • – 1 Hit Kill – (With Melee)
  • – Commander in Chief Rank
  • – Unlimited wield ability
  • – Easily Unlock all online weapons and customizations
  • – Compatible with all android and iOS devices
  • – God Mode

Following is a video demonstrating what you can do with mini militia cheat codes and how do they exactly work:

MINI MILITIA Cheat Codes / Doodle Army 2 Cheats

How to Hack this game? Well use the following cheats and you’ll be good to go!

  • Pro Player Pack worth $0.99 for free – FH_sddpsGGOdf
  • Battle Point Pack – One worth $0.99 for free – FZ_JpGdGF8E2W
  • Battle Point Pack – Two worth $0.99 for free – HF_FrT1savf2o
  • Battle Point Pack – Three worth $0.99 for free – MG_lp85n3qFt5
  • Battle Point Pack – Four worth $0.99 for free – SD_52FNXtsF2x

You can use these cheat codes to get the premium experience that you get with the full paid version of the app, even better than that, use these cheat codes and enjoy your gameplay.

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Unlock Secret Slither.io Skins, Mods Hacks/Cheats, Private Server

The Slither.io , online game available for PC and download on Android and iOS (iPhone), requires strategy and patience to build scores and create a giant character in matches. In addition to the dedication, another tool is responsible for the players performance – the Zoom hack through mod the game.

Available in a free mod for download in Google Chrome , the function allows players to have access to much of the game map. In addition, it changes skins, reduces lag and crashes and makes some game commands. Check out the tutorial on how to use the cheat Zoom Slither.io .

Cheat Using Zoom Hack Slither.io to Make Many Points

Step 1. To access the cheat you must download and install a mod on your Slither.io. Open the browser Google Chrome , visit the Slither.io Mods and make free installation;

Step 2. After downloading the PC, go to the game, it should be with a different home screen (see photo).Start a game normally;

Step 3. With its moving character, scroll the mouse wheel to remove the camera from the character;

slitherio cheats

Step 4. This will be much easier to check places with large concentrations of bright spots. Whenever a character dies you can quickly move to that place to collect your points;

Step 5. Another major advantage is to know the exact location of large and dangerous snakes map. So you can avoid potentially fatal encounters with them, and keep good distance;

Step 6. As your character grows, the Zoom cheat can also be used for planning surprise attacks on other characters. Just line up the snake and surprise appear surrounding the player.

slitherio hack

How to Change the Skin of the ‘Snake’ of Slither.io PC

Slither.io is the online game for PC, iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod) and Android in which players control giant worms while avoiding contact with other users. With simple and without the need to download the PC commands, the game became a success, despite problems with lag and crashes. One of the options available is to use custom skins in the characters. Learn below, such as skin change, or the appearance of snakes of Slither.io .

Slither.io is catching? See how to get the lag on PC, Android and iPhone

You must accept to share the game link on one of your social networks and then unlock the function, which is only available in the PC version.

Step 1. Open the game and at the bottom right of the screen, you will see the option to share the Slither.io link in their profiles from Facebook and Twitter . This frees the use of custom skins in the game. Click on the social network you want to share the game;

slitherio change skins

Step 2. Facebook, choose which friends will see the publication and click Share;

Step 3. On Twitter, simply confirm the login and tweet the message suggested by the game;

Step 4. When you return to the game page, check the bottom left of the screen. The new “Change Skin” is enabled. Click it to check out the new items;

slither.io change skins

Step 5. Is it possible to select the colors of the worms Sliter.io by clicking the arrows;

Step 6. In addition to traditional colors, some special skins are also available, as flags of Brazil, the United States and other standards. Click “Save” after choosing your skin to make it standard in the game;

slither.io changing skin

Step 7. Okay, now just start a new game and enjoy the new look of the character in Slither.io.

Slither.io: Learn How to Unlock the Secret Skin

Step 1: Unlocking the skins

Slither.io does not come with the ability to modify factory skins. For this step to be done is to unlock functionality. Go to the Game Page, share it on one of your social networks, can be Twitter or Facebook. So that is shared, the button “Change Skin” or “Change Skin” will appear. Press it when it appears.

Step 2: opening the console

With the screen open skin, press F12 in Windows or Command + Option + I on the Mac to open the page code commands. Then click “Console”.

slither secret skin

Step 3: modifying the code

With the open console, type the following command: setSkin (snake, 25). Then press Enter on the keyboard and the skin will be changed automatically.

secret slither.io skins

Step 4: playing

Finally, close the console and click Save, go back to the game and just start a new game. The secret skin, orange and purple, will be freely enabled.

Slither.io: How to Change the Background and Use Custom Themes

change slitherio background

Step 1. Access the extension of the page ” Slither.io Mods ” in Google Chrome and click “Add to Chrome” for a free download;

Step 2. After the extension of the installation, visit the Slither.io normally. In addition to the standard options, you can check a number of additional functions.

Click the “Background” and select any of the custom themes available for mod;

custom slitherio background

Step 3. Enter a match to check out the new theme in action;

Step 4. Under “Background”, the “Custom URL” allows you to customize the game background with any image internet. Just copy the link and put in the field shown in the picture;

Step 5. In the latter option, click “Choose File” and search for any image on your computer. Click the “BG Set” button to set the image as Slither.io fund;

Step 6. Images without sudden cuts at the edges often become legal as background. It is also important to change the skin of your snake so that it is not confused with the background colors.

Avoid Lagging by Using Slither IO Private Servers

The Slither.io does not offer a specific function to change servers, but you can use little tricks to migrate in the game. When disconnecting in succession, you will be sent to a new server, where you can find a more stable connection. Try the technique a few times to find the ideal setting.

Quick TIP :

For those playing on PC, not always traditional browsers such as Chrome and Firefox are the best options. Renowned for its speed, Maxthon Cloud Browser is also a good alternative to maximize the performance of Slither.io.

Reduce the quality of the graphics

PC with limited hardware, the game may face difficulty to run smoothly. Fortunately, Slither.io offers the possibility to reduce the quality of graphics. Just go to the game’s main menu and click the button shown in the image.

Close other sites and applications

Slither.io makes heavy use of your connection. Therefore, another program or site that affects your band can greatly reduce the performance of the game. When playing, remember to close sites like Facebook ,YouTube and Twitter . Applications such as Netflix , other games or downloads should also be stopped.

Opt for off-peak hours

Playing in the morning or early in the morning is often a good strategy to avoid too full servers, and can also ensure better scores in the game. With fewer players congesting the map, it will be easier to play without crashes or delays.

Tips to Top Slither.IO Game Easily

The Slither.io is not a game with very complicated or problematic controls. But before “serious play” to try positions in the ranking, know more of your control and direction of the “worm” you control the stage.The first deaths will be constant, so do not even worry about it right now.

Just open the game and be wandering around the map, to know how the worm behaves with his control and how other players use strategies to attack you and consume you. It is always good to also be aware of how size influences the attacks.

Do not chase the smaller spheres

The little colored balls usually scattered around the map never end and are always available. No trace a path to pursue them, wander aimlessly around the stage, if not you can easily be surprised by a competitor.

Wander aimlessly is a good option, because inevitably the worm will feed the spheres that arise along the way, as they never end. So, as tempting as it is, not the dog.

Trace other worms

Earthworms largest always leave traces of them the way they are for you to grow even more and get stronger faster. Without ceasing to be consumed, try to collect these tracks whenever possible.

They are usually larger than shiny balls that appear over the map, there is no mistaking.

Do not abuse the race

The race function is activated when you press and hold the mouse click or keep the touch screen in the version for iOS and Android. But do not abuse it! The function is great to get around other worms and surprise them along the way, but it can also be a double-edged sword. Moreover, it leaves you less over time.

A good option is to use the race only to escape dangers, and not necessarily “hunt” other worms. Then try to save it for moments of danger and need, before using anywhere.

Downloading Slither.io for Playing on Android Mobile Phone and PC

Minimum requirements

Slither.io to play on their devices, we need to meet some minimum requirements for the game to run smoothly. Note that the version for computers do not need to download, it works entirely online and the user’s browser. Check it:

How to download on iOS and Android

The PC version takes you directly to the game, which is availed without downloading and played directly in the browser. Already in iTunes , click the “Get” from the application, which is free, and wait for the download to be performed.

In the Android version click within Google Play, Install. Confirm the interest and user information and perform the download to your Android device currently selected. The game will also be installed on the device main menu.